Our Journey to Triplets | In-Vitro Fertilization

My husband and I met later in life. I was 27 and just divorced. He was 28 and still living with his parents working a great paying job, saving a ton of money for his future. Which shortly became our future when he proposed just 11 months later.

In April he bought a huge 5 bedroom house and in June 2009 we were married. Everyone always told us that since we lived in this lovely, but like I said before, gigantic house, we should start having babies to fill it up! Oh did we ever!


We waited a 15 months before we actively started trying to have a baby. By month 20 I was concerned. So, after much discussion, we decided to see an infertility doctor. We most certainly weren’t getting any younger and my need, my want for a child was in overdrive.

Painful tests, Clomid, ultrasounds, Intrauterine Insemination is how I spent the summer and fall of 2011. Nothing. Nothing, but tears, lots of money spent, and sadness. Emotionally, it was like I was drowning. We took a break and went on a cruise.

By April 2012 I still wasn’t pregnant. But, I had new insurance and we were ready to start seeing our Reproductive Endocrinologist again. Our heads were clear, we were relaxed and very hopeful that this time treatment would be successful. We met with Dr. Michael Henry in late May and came to the decision that In-Vitro Fertilization was my best option at getting pregnant.


So we began our IVF journey.

I started birth control in June. Menopur, Follistim, Lupron, and Novarel new words in my vocabulary. Progesterone in Oil, Doxycycline, syringes, and needles became less foreign to me. Injections, blood draws, injections, ultrasounds, every other day appointments in Indianapolis, injections…is how we spent our summer.

On August 16th I had my IVF retrieval. Ten eggs were retrieved, 9 fertilized, and 5 days later we still had 8 perfect embryos. Two of them were implanted on August 21, 2012. They were the strongest, they were the most likely to stick (for lack of a better word). “Splash” the nurses said as we watched on a monitor these oh so very tiny embryos finding their way. We prayed.

I was to take a pregnancy test 9 days later. By day 3 I vomited at the smell of the Chinese food I was cooking for my husband. I called my sister. She said it was probably too soon to be getting sick. I cried. I cried the next day too.

By Sunday Matt begged me to just take the test. It was 4 days early. And it was POSITIVE…very quickly positive.  I cried.

*I blogged previously about our infertility journey. You can read about it in more detail at How To Make A Baby After 30.

Are you on a journey of your own? I would love to hear from you!

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4 thoughts on “Our Journey to Triplets | In-Vitro Fertilization

  1. Hello – Co-host from Tuesday Talk. What a journey you and your husband have been on. Going to shout this post out on next week’s Talk on my blog. I am doing a “baby theme” so hope you will stop back and see your name in lights.

    1. Thank you so much! I really appreciate it! I love talking about my infertility struggles in hopes that it helps just one person feel like they are not alone.

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