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The next morning I confirmed the pregnancy with my family doctor. She called me personally to let me know that I was going to me a mother. I cried. I think she may have cried a bit too.

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Three days later my pregnancy was again confirmed with Dr. Henry’s office. My levels were perfect for being 4 weeks pregnant. Less than 2 weeks later I had my first ultrasound. It was exciting, nerve-racking and uncomfortable for sure.

But then everyone got quiet. The silence seemed to last forever. The ultrasound tech had the doctor take a closer look. And then he said the four words I will never forget…”I think there’s three.” I cried and my heart felt like it exploded. We were asked to come back in a week for a second ultrasound to confirm triplets.

Triplets. Shock. Triplets. Complete shock.

Our Journey To Triplets_I Think There's Three

Never once did it cross my mind that we could end up with more than twins. My sister laughed when I told her there was a possibility of twins. I did too. I thought there was no way I could handle two babies at once!

The doctor was correct. I was pregnant with triplets!

So how did this happen?! We were told that an embryo must have split immediately after my transfer. But…he said usually they stay in the same sac. Each baby had their own sac. In his 20+ year career, he had never seen 2 embryos transferred resulting in a 3 separate sac pregnancy.

There is the possibility that he left an egg when doing the IVF retrieval and that I got pregnant on my own. In the end, whichever way they were conceived, I am calling it a miracle.

I think there’s three.” When I replay that moment in my mind I can’t help but smile now.

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