Our Journey to Triplets: Abdominal Cerclage

At 12 weeks I started seeing a Maternal Fetal Specialist at St. Vincent Women’s Hospital. Early morning appointments in Indianapolis (a 2-hour drive) became a regular for us.

At 3 months I was pretty confident that I was past the miscarriage stage. There was a calm in me and for the first time in a long time I was excited about the coming weeks and watching my babies grow! That is until we met Dr. Doom.

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Our Journey to Triplets_Abdominal Cerclage

Dr. James Sumners almost immediately gave  “there are risks with a triplet pregnant talk” and explained to us various options we had to help prevent losing one or all of the babies. The first being selective reduction. No. He also described a procedure to us called a transabdominal cerclage.

This procedure is done in women with an incompetent cervix. Although mine was not at that point, the doctor explained with a triplet pregnancy my cervix would most likely weaken, increasing the risk of late term miscarriage. He advised us that he was one of a few doctors in the country that does this surgery.

After what seemed like an hour of him educating us, we quickly decided. Yes. Not having this done was not even an option in my mind. I wanted what was best for me and our sweet peas.

My franken-belly after surgery

Just 2 weeks later Matt and I nervously drive to Indy for my cerclage. I was more than nervous – I was afraid and could barely talk. I choked back tears as we checked in at the front desk.

The Surgery

I was quickly taken back to be prepped for surgery. Matt followed quietly. I had one last ultrasound before and wondered if this was the last time I would ever see the babes. By this point, I was hysterical but didn’t show it. As I was wheeled into the operating room I cried hard as I watched Matt walk away.

The last thing I remember was sitting on the side of the table, hugging a pillow, sobbing as they gave me a spinal block. The nurse helped me lay down and that was that. When I came to I was having another ultrasound.

It’s very foggy to this day, but I do remember the tech saying she heard all 3 heart beats! Sweet relief! I spent 2 nights in the hospital recovering and 5 days later I was back at work. And so began my every 2-week appointments.

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6 thoughts on “Our Journey to Triplets: Abdominal Cerclage

  1. I am having the same surgery tomorrow morning and am terrified, so your blog helped me not feel foolish about my fears. Thank you for sharing!
    I live in Terre Haute and will be making the same drive every two weeks. Wish me luck!

    1. I am so sorry I just saw this, Darcie. I hope everything went well. Are you having triplets also? Let me know how things are going. I would love to keep in touch since we live so close to one another!

      1. Yes I am. 33 weeks 2 days pregnant with triplets. Woohoo! The mom in me hopes they stay in for a few more weeks, but a tiny selfish part of me is over being pregnant. It’s kind of miserable! Lol but I know it will pass and it’s much more important the three kiddos are healthy forever than it is for me to be comfortable a couple weeks early.

  2. Hello. I enjoyed reading your blog. I also have triplets that are 8 months/ 6 months adj. I also had the transabdominal cerclage by Dr Sumners. I also had the same Frankenbelly. Lol I live in Southern IN. Im very interested in learning from your experience.

    1. Hi! It’s so nice to hear from you. I wish my babies were still that small. How long did you carry your babies? Where in Indiana do you live? We live on the Indiana border near Terre Haute.

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