Our Journey to Triplets: The Next 12 Weeks

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I healed pretty quickly from my cerclage. Other than my incision opening after the staples were taken out, I was told I was the poster child for an abdominal cerclage.

Matt became my nurse and clean and packed the hole in my growing belly until it healed. I have no idea how he did it. To this day he gags at toddler poop and the smell of our garbage can makes him dry heave.

Our Journey to Triplets_The Next 12 Weeks

17 Weeks

We had high hopes that at my next appointment we would find out the sexes of our sweet peas. I don’t know how some women can go through an entire pregnancy without knowing.

My excitement was overwhelming. At 17 weeks we heard the words “Baby A is a girl, and Baby B is a girl, and Baby C is a girl.” I was so overjoyed to finally know.

Let the baby registering begin!

18 Weeks

19 Weeks with Triplets

At 19 weeks we found out that Baby B was actually a boy! Let the baby registry editing begin.

The next couple weeks making decisions in triplicate consumed me. It was all I could think about. The OCD, list maker, and the organizing freak inside me LOVED it.

This may sound silly, but something as simple as registering for baby stuff brought me to tears. Months before I wasn’t sure that it was something I’d ever get to experience. I spent all my free time choosing owls or elephants and researching baby carriers and strollers. It was pure bliss.

22 Weeks with Triplets

Christmas came and went. I ate a lot of food over the holiday, and my belly got bigger, and bigger, and bigger. By 22 weeks I was almost the size of full term singleton pregnancy. I was swelling more often than not. And a few days before my next appointment I felt like I was leaking amniotic fluid.

On January 11th I was admitted into the hospital to monitor Baby A (Henley) overnight. An ultrasound confirmed her fluid was low and that she was much smaller than Jase and Sadie. I was sent home the next day officially on bedrest.

I was sad and I was ready. Mostly, sad. I wondered if I’d ever get to meet my sweet girl. Exhaustion had definitely set in and I needed to do (or not do) all I could to take care of Henley and myself.

Once a week appointments began.

Ten days in and I was sent by ambulance from Union Hospital in Terre Haute (our local hospital) to St. Vincent’s in Indianapolis. Uncomfortable doesn’t even begin to describe that ride. I was admitted for observation for the contractions I was having. I was sent home the next day with medication if they started again.

On the last day of January, I had my next appointment. It was frigid and had snowed and there was a horrible pile up soon after we passed a treacherous stretch of interstate on our way to Indianapolis. I prayed for those people. And I prayed hard for myself that day. There were no changes in Henley’s fluid level and I was beginning to shows signs of preeclampsia.

26 Weeks with Triplets

Matt left for a work trip to Florida on February 3rd and the next day I was admitted into the hospital (2 hours from home). At 26 weeks 4 days I was there for the rest of my pregnancy.

I was kind of happy because the babies would now be monitored daily, but I had no idea just how horrible the next month would be.

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