A Day at the Farm: Part 1

Having triplets is like having your own circus. Matt is the ringmaster. I’m the beautiful woman riding the horses. The kids are the clowns. At times were more like the sideshow…so weird and freaky that you can’t look away. Those onlookers ask so many inappropriate (did you pop all those kids out?), that’s really none of your business (are they natural?) questions. Less often I get asked one of the questions I would have LOVED to have known pre-triplet days – What is your day like?

For the life of me I can’t remember what their newborn/just came home days were like. Their first year is pretty much a blur. I can recall many special days from their second year, but their daily schedule has slipped my mind. But…if you are wondering what a the day in the life of 2 1/2-year-old triplets is like you are in great luck. Warning: It’s not for the faint of heart.

A Day at The Farm_Part 1

A Day at The Triplet Farm

6:30am Sadie starts talking to herself. I lay there with my eyes still closed, praying she’ll shut up and not wake Henley. Please, please, please!

6:35am Sadie starts talking louder. I run in their room to get her, but it’s too late. Henley is awake. I bring them back into bed with me so I can “sleep” a little longer. I turn on “Netfwicks” at their request. Sadie wants to watch Sophia, but Henley wants to watch Daniel. Sadie starts screaming and Henley starts hitting. I turn on Bubble Guppies. We haven’t watched them in the last 24 hours.

6:40am I think to myself, crap…I forgot to have them sit on the potty. I tell them to go to the bathroom, that Daddy is in there and he can help them. But, he’s STILL (don’t get me started on that!) in the shower so I have to get up and help. Too late. They’ve already peed. Commando it is because there’s no clean undies upstairs and I forgot to bring up diapers last night.

6:50am Sadie starts singing her random made up songs. This girl has no idea what quiet means. Henley barges into Jase’s room like she’s part of an elephant stampede. This girl doesn’t know what gentle means. Now Jase is awake. There’s a 50/50 chance he’s grumpy.

7:00am They all come back to our room to watch TV. I lay down for just a little more rest. Crap, I forgot to have Jase sit on the potty. He goes on his own. Daddy is out of the shower now, but he can do it himself. He comes running back shouting in his crackling morning voice, “Mommy, I pee peed.” I smile. He’s adorable.

7:15am The kids play for a bit while I put a load of laundry in the washer. The clothes in the dryer have been there since yesterday. I leave them and turn the dryer back on. They’re wrinkly and I don’t have time to iron. I hang up a few of Matt’s work shirts, but run out of hangers. The rest will have to wait. I hear “Mommy me hungee“.

7:30am We finally make it down stairs. Matt and I call it herding turtles. Most mornings they are so stinkin’ slow. Then there’s the days where Jase is a firefighter and slides down on his belly at lightening speed. Or Henley tries to push Sadie down the stairs and I end up carrying both of them down. I sit them down in front of the TV (I know…shame on me) while I let Maggie out to do her business. 

7:35am I’m in the kitchen trying to make a somewhat healthy breakfast. Jase is screaming that he wants milk. Sadie wants cheese. And Henley is between my legs crying for me to hold her while I’m scrambling eggs. I always say the five minutes before breakfast is served is what hell must be like. It’s just plain chaos.


7:45am Everyone has finally calmed down and is sitting in the booth eagerly awaiting food! I’ve perfected their favorite meal…scrambled eggs, toast, and fruit with a big cup of milk.  I leave the room for less than a minute to let Maggie inside. Jase has finished his eggs and is asking for more. Henley is on the table throwing her meal. Sadie is quietly picking at her toast. It will take her 10 minutes just to eat that. I cooked the last of the eggs (6 of them) and tell Jase I don’t have anymore. I ask if he would like something else. Nope. Here come the tears. Then he realizes he still has toast and fruit. All is good again. I drag Henley off the table for the third time. She’s doesn’t listen to anything I tell her. And Sadie is still nibbling on her toast. I finally have a free minute to run to the bathroom. Please no one follow me!

8:00am I start washing dishes and clean up while they finish eating. Breakfast is their best meal of the day. Today they’ve had seconds and cleaned their plates. I’m glad because the rest of the day is questionable on how much they’ll eat. I eat the leftovers and make myself an iced coffee. 

8:05am JH&S are back in the living room watching Daniel Tiger and finishing their milk. But like most toddlers, they can’t just sit. They’re also pulling all the books from the bookshelf trying to find the potty book. Crap. They’re still commando! I stop what I’m doing to put on diapers/pull-ups/undies. It’s too late. Sadie already peed on the couch. Henley took of her pants long ago. I quickly scan the room for pee puddles. Whew. I don’t see any. Jase is good. But he’s telling me his butt hurts and needs cream on it. This morning I choose pull ups for everyone. They’ve been pretty good lately about going potty. But I don’t feel like dealing with undies this morning. Maybe after nap I’ll be braver. 

8:20am I’m finishing up in the kitchen when I hear “Mommy I fawted!” This is Jase telling me he pooped. Blah. The entire living room smells like a port-a-potty. Yep. Everyone pooped. And no one even hinted to me that they needed to. I mean, really kids, you do have potty seats. Did you forget? Ahhh! Potty training triplets is so stressful. It sucks.

8:30am All three are changed. That Henley is a wild one. After chasing her naked butt around the room I finally nabbed her. I pretty much had to hold her down to get a diaper on her. She may be little, but she is unbelievably strong. I leave the room so they can commence destroying it. I run upstairs to switch laundry around. Clothes that were in the dryer get thrown in a basket. And today the clothes in the washer didn’t have to sit in there all day. Yay! It’s pretty quiet down there. Maybe I’ll go make my bed and straighten up a little. The bed is barely made when I hear Sadie yelling at the bottom of the stairs, “Mama I need you!” in her sweet little mousey voice. So much for picking up. That suitcase that’s been laying in the hallway for a couple of weeks now will just have to wait.

8:45am I help Sadie with her “problem.” She couldn’t reach that thing that she’s not supposed to have in the first place. I remind her that she’s not to play with it. She screams bloody murder. I give in and tell her this is the last time. Really, it is!

9:00am I sneak into the bathroom to take a quick shower. It’s library day and no one wants to see what I look like un-showered. Just as I’m lathering up Jase walks in and wants to take a shower. No, buddy. You can shower tonight. Tears. On any other day I’d let him get in with me, but like I said it’s library day. And it’s already after 9:00. We only have less than 90 minutes until Toddler Time starts. There’s just not enough time. He lies on the floor and cries while I finish. 

9:15am I forgot to bring clothes downstairs this morning. Jase has finished his fit and is playing with the girls again. I peek to make sure they’re not bleeding or climbing the curtains and run back upstairs. Ahhh! I can’t find anything. There are two clean clothes mountains in the laundry room that take me too long to sort though. I hear a panicked little voice from downstairs. “Mommy where are you?” Henley is frantically searching for me. I’ve got their clothes. They pretty much match. Back down I start to go, but am met by the ornery one. She climbed up looking for me and I remind her that she’s not supposed to do that. She smacks me across the face. Did I mention she’s ornery?! 

Laundry Printable

9:25am Getting the kids dressed alone takes 10 minutes on a good day. Today they’re overly animated so it takes longer. I’m still in my towel, but it keeps sliding down so I just give up and toss it into the mound of dirty clothes in the corner. Take those upstairs woman! Luckily they’re young enough where Mommy’s nudity doesn’t offend them. Jase is yelling “purple nurple” thanks to Daddy. He’s laughing so hard he’s crying. It is pretty funny, but totally inappropriate for a 2-year-old boy. 

9:45am Kids are dressed. Mommy is not. Again, I sneak up to rummage the clothes mountain for something to wear. Preferably without holes or stains. Viola! Didn’t I just wear this? Who cares? It’s comfy.

10:00am All 4 of us are clothed and our hair is acceptable. Let the herding turtles begin again. Jase and Henley fight over who is going to open the back door. They punch and scream. Henley wins this time. What seems like 10 minutes later we are outside and down the back deck. Jase and Henley fight over who is going to open the door to the garage. Jase is the winner. He’s obsessed with honking the horn on the Yukon. I give him the keys and let him do it a few times while I’m getting the girls into their car seats. Henley, thankfully is cooperative today. Some days it’s almost impossible to get her strapped in her seat. Even though blood has been shed in the process (Mommy’s blood, not her’s) I always win that fight. I chase Jase around the garage and finally get him in the Yukon by telling him that he can honk the horn again if he gets in his seat. He does so, just as I close the door. Holy moly! All the doors are locked and he has the keys. The house is open, but who knows where the other set are. They’ve been missing forever. My heart sinks and I may vomit. I seriously don’t feel like having to call Matt to tell him that the kids are locked in the car. Jase, please unlock the doors. He does. Relief. He’s so smart. I thank him for saving all our lives today!

10:15am We have made it to the library. Thankfully it’s only a 2 minute drive. And thankfully there’s a parking spot right in front. I make them hold hands while walking inside. They love it and it makes my heart happy to watch them. Time for Mommy to relax for a few minutes. The kids play while we wait for Toddler Time with Mother Goose on the Loose to begin.

10:30 Where are my kids? JH&S take off for the activity room without me. When I get there they’re arguing on who is sitting where – a chair or a floor cushion. Jase always wins the chair. The rest of the families make their way in and for the next 30 minutes I sit in awe and watch how far my preemie babies have come. The challenges they’ve overcome, the struggles they’ve faced do not even come into play when we are there. They’re just normal 2 year olds that happen to be triplets. I will say that this is one of the first places that I have felt most welcome with the kids. No one judged us (that I know of) and every one is so nice. No rude questions. Just moms and their kids having some special time together. 

11:00am Toddler time is over, but we stay and play for a while. The kids new favorite thing to do is play dress up. And luckily, the library has several outfits to choose from. Jase always picks the fireman. Henley always picks the Vet. Sadie always picks the Chef. The first day they discovered the dress up area and chose their costumes I thought to myself…Sadie cooks the animals that Henley can’t save and Jase puts out the fires that Sadie is destined to start!

11:20am Leaving the library is hard. They absolutely love their time there. I usually just have to start walking out the door without them. That always gets their little bums moving. Like I said, they love the library, but not if Mommy isn’t going to be there. 


11:30am We make it back home. Some days I stop at Donald Duck’s (McDonald’s) to bring lunch home. Today, there’s leftovers in the fridge that need to be eaten. Not by me…I hate 99% of leftover food. I herd the turtles back into the house. They really want to play outside. I really need to pee. They’re much too young to be left outside alone for more than a minute, so I tell them we need to go inside and check on Maggie. Whew. That works. Carrying triplets for 30 weeks does not do your bladder well. They immediately kick off their shoes in the kitchen. I do the same. Monkey see monkey do! I make it to the bathroom without a second to spare. The kids are asking to watch Mickey and want a snack. It’s almost lunch time so I just give them a handful of Animal Crackers. 

11:35am I start picking up the living room. JH&S seriously know how to destroy a room. Blocks, stuffed animals, Little People, tractors, and books are spread from one end to the other. I ask for some help. Jase and Henley ignore me. But, Sadie obliges and sings the clean up song from Daniel Tiger as she tosses toys into the baskets. She’s a great helper. I sit on the couch to read e-mails, check social media, and drink the rest of that iced coffee that I didn’t get to finish this morning. Don’t worry…I did refrigerate it.

12:00pm Lunchtime. Today it’s turkey, leftover mac and cheese, Veggie Straws, and applesauce. I call the kids into the kitchen to eat. Then I sneak off upstairs again. This time I make it back down without anyone noticing. When I return to the kitchen I see a huge mess. Sadie has eaten all her applesauce, but thrown the turkey on the floor. Henley has eaten all her turkey (I think) and is feeding Maggie mac and cheese. Jase finishes his Veggie Straws, but hasn’t touched anything else. Those ungrateful... I just walk away. Eating is an issue with them these days. But they are growing and are healthy, so I ignore the fact that more food is wasted than eaten. One of my kiddy pet peeves. And then, just like that…they’re done. Maggie, do you wanna share with me?

12:30pm After fighting over who’s going to wash their hands first, the kids are fresh and clean again. I let them play on the front porch while I scarf something else (most likely cereal) down for lunch and pick up their lunchtime mess. At least I can keep the kitchen clean.

12:45pm N A P T I M E ! Most days they happily trek upstairs for a much-needed nap. Today, they all three cry. So, I have to carry them one by one up 16 stairs. I’m too old for this. 


Stay tuned for Part 2 coming soon!

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  1. I know its hard but you the best you can,and I love reading whats going on.we have new neighbors moving in shes pregant with twin girls and has 1 or 2year old boy and is 21 years old.Shes due in December. I just cant amaigne it should get soon as they get older or you can always hope! Ill be waiting for the rest of the story.

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