A Day at the Farm: Part 2


1:00pm I’m back downstairs. I should be upstairs doing laundry. I’ll work on that after the kids go to bed. I should be cleaning bathrooms or moping floors. Those can wait until Friday when the kids are at daycare. Instead of tidying up the house I end up in the office. My blog is calling my name.

A Day at The Farm_Part 2

3:45pm I hear Jase on the monitor. “Mommy I need water.” I go get him and bring him downstairs to get a drink. He’s completely content playing by himself. So I go back to researching for my blog. I’m already starting to run out of ideas to write about. “Mommy play with me.” I stop everything and sit down on the floor to play tractors with Jaser. This is more fun when there’s just one kid and not three fighting over my attention.

4:00pm It’s time to wake the girls. If they sleep any later they won’t go right to sleep at bedtime. Jase, stay down here while Mommy wakes the beasts. I get up there and they’re awake, laying quietly, waiting for Mom to rescue them. We’re lucky that they don’t climb out of their cribs on their own. I hear horror stories from other moms about their kiddos escaping in the middle of the night and ending up outside! How does that happen?! And I know some moms with kids younger than JH&S that have been moved to toddler beds for this reason. We are keeping ours in cribs until they go to kindergarten. They just started sleeping well this summer. I’m not ready for no-sleep nights again.

4:10pmNackie, nackie, nackie.” They’re hungry. What’s new. I’d be hungry too if I ate next to nothing for lunch. They all want something different, of course. Goldfish, cheese, and a granola bar. It’s very much like the breakfast situation, except amplified by 100. They’re starving. Luckily, I did spend some of their nap time making smoothies so they could have a healthy after nap snack. Today it’s blueberry banana. I made sure to make enough for them to have two cupfuls to keep them full until dinnertime. They gulp them down quickly. Henley is the first to ask for more. “Tank you Mommy.” You’re welcome, baby.


4:30pm JH&S are back on the porch playing after it took me 15 minutes to have them sit on the potty and change diapers. Seriously, this potty training thing is gonna kill me. I lay down in the swing. It’s a beautiful day. I could fall asleep here. But I have three two-year olds that keep me from nodding off into dreamland. “Mommy, mommy, mommy, I need an icepack so I can be a superhero!” Sadie is very imaginative. Heck, they all are. I look over and Henley is pretending to be a puppy and Jase is her Daddy. I love watching them play together. They’re so sweet. Uh, yep, scratch that. Henley just bit Jase. Now he’s kicking her. So much for me relaxing in the cool Fall breeze. 

4:50pm Daddy calls to say he’s on his way home, but he has to deliver a tractor first. So, he’ll be home a little late. He also asked what’s for dinner. I loathe cooking. What’s the easiest thing I can make tonight? Spaghetti it is. 

5:05pm After a fight to get everyone back in the house all is well. They want to color. Sounds good. I get out the coloring books and crayons. Hopefully this will keep them occupied long enough for me to start dinner. I hear crayons drop one after another. Maggie is quick to snatch one up before I could get it off the floor. She loves eating crayons. Whatever.

5:15pm No spaghetti noodles. There’s half a box of macaroni and some mostaccioli noodles. It’ll have to work. It’s not like the kids will eat it anyway.

5:25pm I knew it was too good to be true. Henley is at my feet as usual wanting to be held. I love this kid with all that I am, but this is one of the most frustrating things about her. Do you want a piece of cheese? I will admit that I often bribe my kids with food. It’s not something that I am proud of, but when you have triplets you end up doing a lot of things that you never thought you would do as a mother. That satisfies her for now and I can get back to browning the hamburger.

5:50pm Daddy is home! I’m still in the kitchen finishing dinner. Maggie makes it to the door to greet him first. Then Henley comes running in to see him. Jase is not far behind. Sadie doesn’t even acknowledge that he’s home. I walk into the living room to tell her that Daddy is home. She’s too busy playing in her kitchen. She asks me if I would like some coffee. Yes, baby. Give me all the coffee you have, please!

6:05pm It’s time to eat. Spaghetti, salad. and garlic bread. I give the kids a bit of each. In a lot of ways they are so much alike, but when it comes to eating they are completely different. Jase woofs down his salad first. It’s funny to me that a 2-year-old loves salad. He does though. He asks for seconds. I tell him after he eats something else. He starts jumping. That’s his way of throwing a fit. We ignore him. Henley takes bites of everything off her plate, but would rather eat from mine. So, instead of having her hang on me while I eat, I just give her my plate and I eat off of hers. It’s just easier. And I don’t need another kids throwing a fit at the moment. Sadie picks at her bread and then says she’s done. I make her stay until everyone finishes. She starts singing and dancing. I love dinner theatre. 

6:20pm The kids are done eating. I quickly eat their leftovers. I tell the girls to head to the bathroom. It’s bath night and my turn to give them. Matt cleans up the kitchen as I tend to the girls. Jase doesn’t take baths anymore. He’ll only take a shower. Since when do 2 year olds take showers?!

6:25pm I get the girls undressed. Crap. Sadie crapped. I didn’t realize this until I pulled her diaper off without thinking. I have to run into the another room to get wipes. By the time I get back they have both gotten in the tub…poopy butt and all. I drain the water and start refilling it again. I clean up Sadie and then let them play. Once the girls are fresh and clean I holler for Jase to come and get in the shower. As I type this I am still in awe that my once oh so tiny wrinkly old man is now taking showers…by himself. Time flies… 


7:00pm I’m sweaty and exhausted. Matt has been lounging in the recliner for some time now. It’s time for him to take over for the night. I lay down on the couch and play with my new toy – my iPhone 6s Plus. This thing is huge. And I love it, but I do feel a bit silly talking on it. Matt plays with the kids. They are usually pretty goofy this time of night. He definitely knows how to get them wound up. I love watching them play together. Uh, yep, scratch that. Sadie just pinched Jase. Where’s Henley? Oh, I see her…and a bottle of lotion all over the dining room floor. Matt takes care of Mike Tyson (aka Sadie) and I clean up the Henner’s mess. It is everywhere. Oh, and it’s the $15 a bottle cream for Henley’s eczema. How nice?

7:20pm Matt asks if we can put them to bed early. Sure, but by the time we get up there and finish our nightly routine it will most likely be bedtime anyway. I gather water cups, Pluto, Minnie, Jonathan, Mickey x2, Timmy, Elsa and Anna. Oops…can’t forget the John Deere toy catalog. Yes, Jase sleeps with it. Matt heards the turtles upstairs. He yells “It’s an emergency” and they quickly scramble up pretending to be firefighters and policemen. I’ll have to remember that trick next time.

7:25pm Everyone runs in different directions, including Matt. To the girls room is where they need to be headed. Sadie wants to watch Mickey. Nope. Jase wants to ride on his tractor. Not now buddy. And Henley just wants in Mommy’s bed. No way! Henley and Sadie’s room is our nighttime headquarters. It’s where we do everything. Read bedtime stories, brush teeth, check diapers, get in our last dance “moops” (as Sadie calls them) of the day.  Tonight, there’s no dancing though. Mommy is more than exhausted. I’ll read three books only.

7:40pm All 60 teeth have been brushed. Diapers have been changed. Matt finally makes his way into the bedroom. I am more than over this night. The kids pick out books; Just One More, Llama Llama Red Pajama, and Little Owl’s Night. Thankfully Matt reads them tonight. I just lay on the floor counting the minutes until bedtime. He gets them all wound up again by playing music from his phone. “Uptown Funk” and “Sweet Home Alabama” gets them all dancing and singing…and jumping on Mommy. I don’t mind. I remember doing the same with my parents. I loved it then and I love it now. 


7:55pm Several books and a dance party later it is bedtime. I look forward to this part of the day. Some of you may think that may be a terrible thing to say. But I need time with my husband without the kids vying for our attention. Matt takes Jase to his room. I put Henley in her crib. She cries for her mimi. I tell her I will look for it. That’s a lie. We’re breaking her from the chain of her pacifier. When she started referring to it as a person we knew it was time to go. I have to say it’s been much easier than I ever thought it would be. She only asks for it at bedtime now. And I lie to her every.single.night. I feel terrible. But, she’ll stop asking for it someday, right?! I tuck her in with Pluto. Her BunBun has gotten the boot. Her once beloved bunny is now required to sleep with Mommy. I love you yesterday, today, and tomorrow too. She says it along with me in her scratchy, I’m so tired, nighttime voice. My heart swells. It’s Sadie’s turn. She starts saying it before I even get her completely tucked in. I love you yesterday, today, and tomorrow too. Just as I turn out the light Sadie says “I love you so, Mommy.” It happened. My heart just exploded. The love I have for these girls is indescribable. I go into Jase’s room. He is already in bed after turning on his fan and humidifier himself. It’s part of his nightly ritual. I lean down to say to him the same as the girls, but he starts without me except he always forgets today. I am mush. This boy has me wrapped around his not so little anymore finger. Goodnight, Jaser. 

8:00pm I head to the laundry room one last time today. I just stand there and stare at the mounds of dirty clothes and thank God that I have these piles of pooped on, peed on, sometimes mud-caked clothes. As I have said laundry is my enemy. I will probably never be able to say that every towel, every pair of underwear, every Cardinal’s t-shirt is clean at the same time. But, I don’t care. There’s more important things in life to worry about. I shut off the light and walk away. Those socks that have been laying there for a week can wait one more night.

8:20pm It’s not even 9:00 and our bed is yelling for me to come and lie down. I oblige. It’s been a long day. I turn on the TV, but completely ignore it. I’m a social media addict so I check them all. Matt finally makes it into the bedroom. He’s torn between staying in here with me or working one of a million things that need to be done around the house. He chooses me tonight. We talk for a bit. He rolls over to get more comfortable and then I hear him snoring. It’s been a long day for him too.

9:00pm I finish watching whatever is on TV and then turn off the lamp. I lay there in the wonderful silence (except for the snoring and the fan) and say my nightly prayers. It’s a long prayer that I repeat every single night. Tonight, before I finish I start drifting off to sleep. It’s been a good day. I have no idea what tomorrow will bring. But I can assure you I will be able take on the world. I am a triplet mom after all. If I can handle three crazy toddlers I can handle anything.

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I have no idea what it is like to have one child because I was blessed with three at once. I often daydream what it would be like to have a singleton. Maybe it would only take 5 minutes to get out to the car and get in the car seat. You don’t even want to know how long it takes us on some days. It’s possible that going out to dinner with one baby would be so much easier. Not many restaurants have enough high chairs for us. If they do they’re most likely being used by those single child families. There are days that I am jealous of those families. Then I turn and look at my loud, goofy, snot nosed, dancing and singing like no one is watching babes and almost burst into tears. I’m crying because they should be quiet at the library…and someone just blew boogers into their hand…and they’re performing songs from Frozen when they should be eating their dinner. And I’m crying because I don’t care. God gave me this life and these babies when I desperately wanted a child. I cannot thank him enough. We are blessed beyond belief.

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