5 Reasons I’m So Happy It’s Finally Spring + A Free Printable

Spring has sprung. Although it’s not as spectacular as I hoped it would be, I am still I’m so happy it’s finally here! What about you? Although we definitely didn’t hibernate this winter the cold dreary days seemed to last forever.

Here are 5 reasons I’m so happy it’s finally Springtime!

The Weather

It is slowly, but surely getting warmer here every day. The kids and I have been able to spend more time outside this past week than we did all winter. I love the warm sunshine. The other day I sat outside, closed my eyes, and took a deep breath. For a moment I felt like I was a kid again – at my childhood home out in the country soaking up all nature had to offer. I could hear birds chirping and the wind slowly blowing. My heart was happy.

Spring Cleaning

Did you read my Weekly Home Cleaning List or  Spring Cleaning Checklist? Check them out and you’ll see why cleaning soothes my soul.

Baseball Season

We love baseball here. St. Louis Cardinals are our fav. I’m not sure the kids are quite ready to attend a game, but they love watching their Cards play on television. Matt took Jase to several Terre Haute Rex (a local wood bat league) games last summer. Their first game together was one of my first blog posts called It’s a Long Road: Boys and Baseball.


Or should I say, the lack thereof? I would be barefoot every single minute of every single day if it were possible. But, since I can’t I will settle for sandals. On Tuesday I wore them for the first time this year and it felt fantastic!


Four words. Fresh fruit and veggies.

Your Free Printable!

Free Spring Printable

What do you love most about Springtime? I’d love to hear from you!

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3 thoughts on “5 Reasons I’m So Happy It’s Finally Spring + A Free Printable

  1. Yay for the Cardinals!! I grew up a Cardinal fan and still am. So happy it’s feeling like Spring for you! Enjoy it. Sounds like you already are. Xo

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