5 Great Ways You Can Support A Blogger

I’ve wrote and rewrote this post more than once. It started out from the point of view from bloggers in general, but it didn’t sound genuine. I tried to hide the fact that what I really wanted to share with you ways you can support me as a blogger. Selfish? Maybe? But, I don’t care. In the end, think all bloggers want the same thing as me – to be heard!

I started this blogging journey almost 9 months ago. And while it has been therapeutic and fun, it hasn’t turned into what I so confidently thought it would be by now. Sure, I have a pretty nice group of followers on both the blog and social media and I’ve made a bit of money, but it’s a lot less than I imagined it would be at this point. It’s hard to start at the bottom when all you dream about it rising to the top. With your help, I know I can turn this little blog of mine into something big.

Here’s how you can support a blogger, like me…

Support A Blogger

Read My Stuff

This is by far the simplest way to support me. Have you ever thought about why I write? It is fun and I make a bit of money, but I really write because I have something to say. The easiest way to support me as a blogger is to read what I want to share with you. I understand that you don’t have time to read ALL my posts, but maybe you’d like to find out why I’m so happy it’s finally Spring or how making smoothies has made me a better mom!

Seriously, click that link, people. Go to my website. Read my words. It’s so exciting to see my number of page views go up, up, up!

Let Me Know You’ve Read My Stuff

I love hearing from friends and family that they loved reading the letter I wrote my mom or understand how difficult it is for me to watch the kids grow so quickly! It really makes my heart happy to know I do have at least a few people enjoying what I share. It’s no lie that I love to hear feedback. It means you are learning something from me. Above all, it means my words are being heard.

So, read what I have written and tell me what you think! If you love the new design of my blog, tell me. If you printed out my Spring Cleaning Checklist, let me know how it’s working out for you!

Share, Share, and Share

I absolutely love when someone reads the stuff I’ve written. I absolutely love hearing someone tell me that they read the stuff I’ve written. Wanna know what I get super excited about though? Someone sharing that stuff! To know that I wrote something worthy enough to be shared is incredible. And again, makes my heart really happy!

Next time you read my my stuff and really appreciated what I had to say go ahead and click “like” on my Facebook post…but click “share” too! Go ahead and mention to me when you see me at the store that I wrote a great post on the best toddler books, but tell your friends about it too!

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Follow and Subscribe

Wanna know what’s just as amazing as sharing something meaningful that a I have written? Following me on social media and subscribing to my e-mail list. I don’t share the same material on all social media so you may be missing out on something pretty great!

Visit My Blog Often

Come back and keep reading! I write for you, the reader. You can support me by coming back to read what I has poured her heart into writing. Check out my new posts. Print my FREE printables. Click on my advertisements. I don’t make much money from them, but eventually the clicks do add up.

It's so easy to support a blogger! Like, comment, share, follow, subscribe, tweet, re-tweet... Click To Tweet

I write for a reason. I love sharing our journey raising triplets . I love sharing my favorite kiddie crafts and household tips. No matter, I write to share something with you, my audience. All I want is to be heard!

I read a article recently that stated bloggers are becoming less like writers and more like business owners. Bloggers don’t just blog anymore. They speak at conferences. They sell their own digital products. They teach classes. I want this for The Triplet Farm. It is a dream that I am willing to work hard to achieve.

Do you have a favorite blog you love to read? Other than The Triplet Farm, that is! Are you a blogger? How do you like to be supportive of fellow bloggers?

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21 thoughts on “5 Great Ways You Can Support A Blogger

  1. This is a great post for those that don’t realize how important doing those things are for us bloggers!
    I don’t know if I would be as brave as you, but I am so happy you put it out so I can share and maybe someone will be like, “hey-that’s how it works!”.

    I love and appreciate each reader that stops by to visit my blog, and I love that you said straight up how much that means to us, thank you!

    Congrats on being the featured blogger at Let’s be Friends!
    Jen recently posted…Mom’s, Are you hitting the brick wall? Sharing tips to help you cope!My Profile

  2. Very true and honest post. I am new to blogging – it’s been about 1 month now. I truly love my blog and am trying to grow it. Some of the things you wrote about I totally understand!
    I found your post on #FFBH, glad to have found it and I will add you to my bloglovin’ feed. Pinned and tweeted this post 😉

  3. Yes to all 5 of these! I started blogging around the same time as you I think (August of 2015). I’d love support in all of these ways as well. They’re perfect ways to support a blogger and they don’t cost a thing!

  4. Angela – I love this and all the reasons you listed. I have a similar post planned on my editorial calendar. I have found that so many of my friends & family don’t understand this whole blogging thing and that they would support me if they just knew how. Good job! Tweeted & pinned!

  5. Great post! It’s always nice when others actually read and share what you have to say. I blog because I have something to share, so when I get comments,etc it shows that people really enjoy what I have to say.

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