33 Reasons I’m So Over My Threenagers

Months before my trio turned three I heard over and over again that “three is the new two.” I didn’t believe it. I mean, how could my kiddos get any worse? Two-year-olds are a handful. Have you read A Day at the Farm: Part 1 or 2?  Then it happened. They went to bed as the not too terrible two’s triplets and woke up as the oh so terrible threenager triplets. They have been three for less than three months – and I’m already so over my threenagers.


Some days they are good-ish. Other days they are horrendous. It is both hilarious and frustrating at the same time. Their favorite thing to do these days is to tell me over and over and just when I’m on the brink of losing my shit, they turn into the sweetest, loving, babes. Mommy, can I snuggle you? I step back from the cliff and am mush. That’s one of those good-ish days. Then there are the days where I lose my shit as soon as I open my eyes. My eyes that have been pried open by little, OMG their nails need to be clipped again, fingers.

Here are 33 reasons why I am so over my threenagers. These, just so happen to be 33 reasons why they lost it today. All, of which, happened by lunchtime. You don’t want to even know what goes down after that.

  • Jase didn’t want to get out of his pajamas.
  • Henley wanted to wear a shirt that was buried in the dirty clothes mountain.
  • I showered without Jase.
  • Sadie wanted sliced cheese instead of stick cheese.
  • Henley wanted stick cheese, not sliced cheese.
  • Jase didn’t want cheese at all.
  • I turned on the TV in stead of letting Sadie.
  • I looked at Henley.
  • Jase put his shoes on the wrong feet.
  • Henley’s sock was “not right.”
  • I could not get Henley’s sock just right.
  • Sadie wanted the OTHER PINK cup. How dare I pick the wrong one.
  • I asked if they wanted pancakes or french toast for breakfast. Apparently, neither!
  • Henley didn’t get to close the refrigerator.
  • Jase didn’t get to open the garage door.
  • Sadie wanted to get the in the car first.
  • Henley sat in Jase’s car seat.
  • Sadie wanted quiet time in the car. She was the one making all the noise.
  • I started the car.
  • I turned the wrong way.
  • Henley dropped her cup.
  • Henley got to bring a toy.
  • I got Jase out of his car seat first.
  • I sat them at a table instead of our normal booth.
  • They all wanted to sit by me.
  • Jase touched Sadie.
  • I ordered chicken strips instead of nuggets.
  • I said it was time to leave.
  • Henley sat in Jase’s car seat…again.
  • Jase really wanted to wear flip flops today, but not the one’s that were in the car.
  • Sadie was hungry. She didn’t eat her lunch.
  • They wanted a snack…5 minutes after lunch.
  • I said no.
Young Wild and Three shirt by TulipVine on Etsy
Young Wild and Three shirt by TulipVine on Etsy

Do you have a threenager at home? Or are you lucky enough to have three, like me! The next time your toddler has a meltdown because they wanted strawberry jelly instead of grape or because the wind is blowing, remember that you are not alone. Please try not to lose your shit as they lose theirs over and over again…all.day.long.

I would love for you to share all the reasons your toddler thew a tantrum lately. Make me laugh. I’m sure I need it. One of my three is probably losing it as you read this!




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11 thoughts on “33 Reasons I’m So Over My Threenagers

  1. Ha!!! My triplet daughters just turned five, but yes, having three three year olds was difficult!!!

    Of course, in addition to the lovely threenager attitudes, we added a baby brother to the family, moved our only close family away from us, my husband was in a wreck that left him with months of recovery and therapy to even be able to walk again, my husband graduated from pharmacy school, and we moved out of state.

    Three was hard!

    Now the girls just turned five and their brother is about to be two- and his sweet, happy-go-lucky babyness is being infiltrated by a know-it-all toddlerhood. Here we go again!

  2. my twin girls turn three in October and already act like threenagers. I had one that wanted milk then she said she wanted Kool aid and then by time you get the Kool aid she’s asking where her milk is. or she has to wear a certain pair of shoes when she’s got her pj’s on. or she wants to wear a winter coat even though it’s over 90 degrees outside just because it’s blue. and her sister has to argue with her about everything. or recently she likes to use the word no alot.

  3. She wanted Sprite so that’s what I filled her cup with. Then she realized she really wanted iced tea and thew a fit–for 30 stinking minutes!!!

  4. I so feel your pain! This morning’s tantrum ensued over who got to flush the toilet as Daddy was plunging it. Yep, this is my life. LOL.

  5. Yes!! My daughters are 2 & 4 & I know exactly what you are talking about. Something horrible happens to their sweet little dispositions. I sympathize!

  6. He didn’t want to go to preschool, he wanted his coat zipped (after he unzipped it), I didn’t let him “jump” out of the car, I didn’t let him “buckle” himself in, he was tired, he didn’t want me to cut his toast, he wanted to hold his toast (literally one bite left) I told him to eat it or we’re leaving it we left it and he wanted to bring his toast…the list could endlessly go on. Three is soooo much harder than 2, but in many ways it can be so much more fun! Thanks for sharing! Praying for all of the momma’s (myself included) to make it through the year!
    Kristen recently posted…Becoming the Proverbs 31 WifeMy Profile

  7. OMG I honestly don’t know if I should laugh or cry – laugh because I know that when you look back on this day, you’ll be doing the same OR cry because it’s frustrating and stressful. Just focus on those moments when they turn you into a ball of mush. 🙂

  8. My youngest will turn 3 soon and he throws a tantrum when he feels uncomfortable in something I’m trying to dress him in…he tells me “it’s too fit!” which I’ve learned means too tight, lol!!!

  9. So my triplets aren’t the only ones who scream about getting the wrong cup or I didn’t want you to cut MY cheese, and every other reason under the sun just to have a tantrum ! Mine turn three next month and you just made me dread it, knowing it will get WORSE! People with one two year old just don’t get it, no one does unless you have triplets yourself. I’m right there with you! Glad I came across your blog!

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