This Mom Is Currently: June 2016

Is it already time for this post? It feels like I just wrote my May update last week. I’ve said this a million times probably, but I cannot believe how quickly time passes. Weren’t my kids just born? Didn’t Matt and I just meet? I’m pretty sure I didn’t graduate high school almost 20 years ago. Seriously. Slow down time.

I may not be able to control time, but I can control what I am loving, loathing, and learning from life. Here is what this mom is currently up to…

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Dreaming of: An uncluttered, 100% completely organized home. I was lucky enough to be chosen as a beta tester for an e-course called Kick Out Clutter by Shela at I Answer To Mom. I loved it and it has helped this once crazy organized Mama learn to be that lady again – only a much more relaxed version. If you want to create an environment that your and your family LOVES to come home to then you should sign up for this course during the pre-launch later this month. Be on the lookout for more info on how to get started later this month.

Eating: Cheetos Puffs. As I type this I am making orange fingerprints all over my keyboard*. Don’t judge. Last night I had to deal with a toddler rebellion x3 so I am eating my feelings today.

Learning: How to be a blogging bombshell! I’m currently int he middle of another e-course for bloggers called Blogging Bombshell by Sydney Cruise from Modern Luxe Creative. I’m not too far into the course, but I am loving it so far! You should totally check it out!

Blogging Bombshell E-Course

Loathing: Bedtime. The kids. Not mine. It’s horrendous and usually, we all end up in tears at some point. It’s just a phase, right?!

Loving: Summer! Okay, so it’s not officially summer yet, but it feels like it here in Central Illinois. Have you checked out my FREE summer printables? I don’t like to brag, but I think they’re the best I’ve never made.

Obsessing Over: Jon Snow…see Watching below.

Planning: Nothing at the moment which is completely out of character for me. This time last year I was planning our first family vacation. We still haven’t decided if we’re going to go somewhere this year or have a stay-cation so we can do some much-needed renovations to our home.

Pinning: Mom tees. You know what I’m talking about, right?! I have two that I love and want more. I plan on making one or two or five on my Cricut. I bought this one from Hello Merch a couple of years ago. It’s so soft and so comfy. It’s my fave.

I'm so tired tee from Hello Apparel

Reading:  Looking for Salvation at the Dairy Queen: A Novel by Susan Gregg Gilmore. I totally judge books by their cover and this one jumped out at me while browsing the bookstore one day. I’m not that far into it, but it’s pretty good so far!

Watching: I’m catching up on Game of Thrones. I was late to the game and now I am obsessed. I’ve stayed up past midnight the last two nights watching just one more episode. Even though I was aware that Jon Snow would live again, the Season 5 finale brought me to tears. Oh, Jon Snow…

Ygritte: You’re mine and I’m yours. And if we die, we die, but first we’ll live.

Wearing: Earrings again. I’ve had my ears pierced since first grade, but it wasn’t until about a year ago that I had to stop because my ears kept getting infected. At the time, I wore only a pair of gold earrings that my Grandma had given me. I cleaned them and my ears obsessively, but they kept getting irritated. So, I had to give them up. I bought a new (cheap) pair last month hoping I could wear earring again. Nope. Infected right away. Then a few days ago I put them in again and my ears have been just fine. So weird.

Wishing: My kiddos would stop fighting. It seems like that’s all they do anymore. They used to be so sweet to each other. Now it’s like a UFC match here In fact, Saturday night they saw a bit of a UFC fight while we were out to dinner and Sadie said, “Let’s do that when we get home.” I’m not joking she totally said that. And before we were even in the door at home Jase had her in a headlock. And it all went down from there. See Eating above.

What are you loving, loathing, and learning this month? I’d love to hear from you! Let me know in the comments!

*I started this post on Sunday morning. Yes, I was eating Cheetos for breakfast.



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6 thoughts on “This Mom Is Currently: June 2016

  1. Love these posts to get to know you! I am currently loving the fact that there is no preschool today (which means I have time to do some other morning things)!

  2. Hahaha! I love the idea of this series! It will be fun for you and your kids to go back through when they are grown up and see how much things changed!

  3. Ha ha! It’s totally like a UFC fight in this house too. I’m so sick of the whining and fighting, that if I could wear ear plugs all the time, I totally would. I’ve not watched Game of Thrones, so I’m even further behind you. I’m also slacking in my summer planning…got get some done.

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