I Can’t Be That Mom and You Don’t Have to Be Either

You know the one. The one that makes animal shaped sandwiches for lunch and puts their kids in matching outfits even when they’re not leaving the house. It has to be exhausting. Don’t you think? My kids are exhausting enough. I can’t be that mom every day. And I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to be either.

I Can't Be That Mom and You Don't Have to Be Either

Fancy meals do not make you a good mom.

Yes, I’ve made those butterfly PB&J’s with pretzel antennas in desperation to get them to eat just one bite. They ate them but weren’t impressed by their shape. Do you think they’ll remember those sandwiches when they older? Maybe. Maybe not. If your kids are anything like mine mealtime is like a feeding frenzy. The quicker it’s made the less chance someone will get an eye poked out.

What makes you a good mom is…

Feeding them. Anything. That’s it. Not all of us can afford organic milk, fruits, and veggies. My kids eat hot dogs (gasp!)  and week old cereal they found on the floor of the car. They love that disgusting meat and they help me clean the car. Win!

Hot Dog

Daily projects do not make you a good mom.

You don’t have to be that Pinterest mom. I’ve tried. It’s harder than it looks. Sure, we do a fun project every now and then. Do you think they’ll remember those cards they made for Nana and Papa when they’re older? Maybe. Maybe not. If your kids are anything like time art time will most likely turn into a huge fight. He took her crayon and she took his paper. You know how it goes.

What makes you a good mom is…

Just spending time with them. That’s it. Not all of us are so organized that we can have something planned out for them every single day. My kids are happy when I just sit and watch them do what makes them happy – singing, dancing, pretending to be a dog.

Recreating a Gap ad does not make you a good mom.

They only time my kids are that put together is for family pictures. I used to stress about what they wore. Do you think they’ll remember those $40 Nike tennis shoes they wore for 2 months before they outgrew them? Maybe. Maybe not. If your kids are anything like mine they want to wear their (not purchased by me) Crocs every day. Totally fine with me. Not worth the fight.

What makes you a good mom is…

Having clothes for them to wear. That’s it. It doesn’t matter the brand or if they’re new or new to you. They’ll most likely end up with some weird stain on them anyway. My kids lived in hand-me-downs for a long time. It’s all the same to them.


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To sum things up feeding your kids, spending time with your kids, and clothing your kids are what make you a good mom. Of course, being a good listener, showing them unconditional love, and setting a good example also make you a good mom along with a million other things.

I used to feel the pressure to be that mom. Life is too short to be that perfect. No matter what you do (or don’t do) your kids think you’re perfect anyway.



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17 thoughts on “I Can’t Be That Mom and You Don’t Have to Be Either

  1. LOL, I love love love that you mentioned feeding them. I cook almost every night for my family, pack snacks etc. Food is essential and it takes up a lot of my time. Something so simple that I overlooked on this journey of being a mom. Thanks for the reminder. I am keeping them alive and fed!

  2. Gasp! Your kids eat hot dogs? Mine won’t touch them. Or hamburgers. How’s a mom supposed to cope with it when her kid won’t eat a kids meal. Ha ha!

    I am not going to begrudge those people that enjoy doing all of those things. I do a few. But there are plenty of times, like right now, that he is standing a foot from the TV watching you tube videos while I visit my IBA Blogging buddies. 🙂

  3. I just wish the mommy wars would stop. Will judging happen? Of course. It is part of who we are as humans. It’s how the judging happens and over what is being judged that is concerning. Like you, I don’t care if you make your kids’ lunch with cute characters or if it is organic. What I care is that you are trying your best to show kids how to love others within your capacity.

  4. Some moms really enjoy that kind of thing, so more power to them. I think everyone has their ‘mom’ strengths and I don’t really think that one or the other is better. For me, it’s randomly deciding to postpone bedtime to take my 4 year old to a local carnival for rides and ice cream. =)

  5. Amen, sister! I buy organic when I can, but otherwise I just pray over it! 😉 My daughter loves hot dogs, ketchup, and graham crackers- but she’d also live on fruit and plain yogurt if I’d let her. It’s all about balance. We all go through periods of time where the crafts and the educational outings are totally doable, and then we go through times where 15 minutes of Elmo’s world is the difference between a mommy-tantrum or not! Keep it up!

  6. Angela you nailed it again!! This article says it all. It’s good to know there are other mothers out there I can definitely relate to!!
    Thanks for that

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