Why I’m So Glad We Live in a Time of Selfies

Selfies. When I think of selfies a few people come to mind. There’s Kim Kardashian. Obviously. I love and hate her selfies at the same time. Then, the “Selfie Dad.” You have got to check him out. Love his selfies. And then there’s little ol‘ me. I love taking selfies. Want to know why I’m so glad we live in a time of selfies? Here’s a hint: I’m a mom.

Why I'm So Glad We Live in a Time of Selfies

For me, there is only one reason it’s a great time to live in a world of selfies. 

I get to be in the picture too! As a mom, I’m always the one taking the pics. The momtog. The mamarazzi. Kind of obsessively. But that’s another story for another time. My husband has a phone too of course but rarely does he take a picture of me or me with the kids unless asked. Okay…begged.

That’s why I love selfies. I get the pics with the kids that I’ll be blubbering over they day they leave for college. Okay. Okay. I’ll probably be full on snot crying over them when they start preschool in a couple of weeks too! I get the pics that are really us. The “Damn it! Why won’t everyone look the same way at the same time.” pics.

If it weren’t for selfies I wouldn’t have these memories…

Our first selfies!


With my #babies and #nomakeup. And I #dontevencare because I’m the #stayathomemom of #triplets and #idonthavetimeforthat

A photo posted by A n g e l a (@thetripletfarm) on

A rare date night back then selfie!


#mondaynightdatenight #belatedbirthdaydinner #nanaandpapaarewatchingthebabies #outbackherewecome

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An after bath chubby little Henley selfie!


Fresh out of the bath selfie with mommy! #henleynicole #triplet

A photo posted by A n g e l a (@thetripletfarm) on

An armful selfie!


Blessed. #triplets #jasematthew #henleynicole #sadiemarie

A photo posted by A n g e l a (@thetripletfarm) on

A Sadie Bug selfie!


Autumn Fest Parade. #sadiemarie #triplet #marshallautumnfest #marshallillinois

A photo posted by A n g e l a (@thetripletfarm) on

A not so perfect moment selfie!

An even bigger armful selfie!

A bathroom selfie!

A summer selfie!


It’s windy, but the breeze feels wonderful on the beautiful summer day. #summertime

A photo posted by A n g e l a (@thetripletfarm) on

Our duck face selfie!


#duckfaces #henleynicole #triplet #thetripletfarm #mommyblog #mommyblogger #momblog #momblogger

A photo posted by A n g e l a (@thetripletfarm) on

A Jase just puked selfie!

A mombie selfie!


I haven’t even been awake an hour and I’m already ready for bed tonight. #mombie #mombiesrise

A photo posted by A n g e l a (@thetripletfarm) on

The chalk covered selfie!

The pink hair don’t care selfie!


Got my hair did and my eyebrows waxed. I feel like a new woman! #pinkhairdontcare #loveit #thetripletfarm

A photo posted by A n g e l a (@thetripletfarm) on

The workout selfie!


Note to self: wipe off mascara before #heatfitness class. #sweatybetty #down40byjanuary #thetripletfarm

A photo posted by A n g e l a (@thetripletfarm) on

The last selfie I took just hours ago!


Lunchtime shenanigans with my sweet boy. #jasematthew #thetripletfarm

A photo posted by A n g e l a (@thetripletfarm) on

MOMS! Take those selfies!

Don’t feel foolish. Time flies. In a few years you’ll want to see those photos of you running on little sleep or you with your kiddo making silly faces. They’ll make you so sad and so happy at the same time. Now please excuse me while I cry over my once so sweet, so tiny, non-mouthy, non-threenager babies!


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17 thoughts on “Why I’m So Glad We Live in a Time of Selfies

  1. I agree with you! I love selfies with my farm animals [and maybe the husband]! Plus, it allows you to store a piece of time in a photo. A year from now, or even twenty years from now, you can look back and reflect! Definitely not taking it for granite! Love all of your selfies, by the way!!
    Erin | A Welder’s Wife recently posted…30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 29My Profile

  2. HA!! I loved these. My husband does the same thing! he has a great camera phone, and I have to tell him to capture a great moment…so, that’s why I have hundreds on my phone! I’m with you

  3. Oh I love this!! I think selfies are so important! I think it’s great that you take selfies and I think that it’s fab your kids will grow up seeing you happy with who you are and that’s just awesome!!

  4. Yes! I’m never in the picture either….unless I’m taking it, so selfies with the kiddos are the best. I also want my kids to know that it’s OK to be in the picture no matter what you look like. Memories are the best!

  5. I love your selfies! Why don’t mine turn out cute? Mine always turn out blurry or with one of my eyes almost closed, like I’m souced. LOL! Oh well, I still try, and occasionally come up with a goodie 😀

  6. Adorable! Man….triplets, that’s awesome! Enjoy them wanting to take selfies with you…..my almost 7 year old refuses selfies OR pictures of any kind!

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