5 Ways I’m Learning to Date My Husband Again

The hubs and I have been married for just over 7 years. In those years we went from newlywed love to, I hesitate to say, the 7-year itch. But for us, the itch came at almost 4 years of marriage. Our itch was the birth of our triplets. Although our love for them is unexplainable and we are forever greatful and blessed to have them in our lives, they almost ruined our marriage. That’s why I’m learning to date my husband all over again with the help of The Dating Divas!

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5 WaysI'm Learning to DateMy HusbandAgain

One day while trying to find fun and exciting ways for my husband and me to spend some time together I found this amazing website. I can’t even explain to you the amazing things you will find here – love note printables, date night ideas, marriage advice, gifts idea. There are literally hundreds of things to not only help strengthen your marriage but the entire family bond. Here are a few of my favorites.

Open When…Letters

letters for every occassion

Is it just me, or is it super difficult to pinpoint exactly what your hubby needs right when he needs it? My husband is not a man of words so I just have to guess what he’s feeling a lot fo the time. And a lot of the time I am wrong! Please say it’s not just me.

Kiki, of Kiki & Company, created 15 super fun letter patterns to remind your husband just how much happiness he brings into your life when he may have forgotten!

There are prompts to inspire you to put together hand-written letters and printable care packages of sorts for different phases we all seem to go through in our lives. When your husband is feeling happiness, sadness, or just needs a bit of a pep talk these letters have you covered! They just choose which one they need and your love is shared. It’s that simple.

This goes beyond your spouse, too – kids away at college, a sibling or friend going through a rough time. There are so many great ways to share these letters.

365 Text Messages

love text messages for your spouse

Seriously…365 love texts! With our fast paced lifestyle, it seems like the hubby and I can get so much more done but seem to have less time to do anything, especially finding the time for romance!

The Dating Divas created a way for us to use the same device that helps us stay on top of our schedules to also help us stay on top of our romance. 365 love text messages may just be exactly what it’s going to take to bring the spark back into our marriage. Now, he’ll be excited to get a text from me that reads of love instead of me gently letting him know that the kids left the freezer door open and everything thawed out.

Reclaim Your Marriage

The best way to Divorce-proof your marriage!

I feel like so many marriages fall between the cracks. They are struggling, but not quite so badly that they need the help of a professional therapist. If they continue their habits, divorce is likely. How can you turn it around? The internet is helpful, but those marriages need something more – something couples can do together, questions they can ask each other, goals they can set, intimacy ideas they can try, and even fun date ideas.

I recently came across the Reclaim Your Marriage program from the Dating Divas. I have to say that I am totally impressed. The program is broken up into 10-week sessions – 1 session per week. Each session hits on a hot topic in marriage, like communication, intimacy, finances, and trust.

Each session includes a therapy video from the founder of The Dating Divas, exercises, activities, thought-provoking questions, and ways to solve those tricky “bumps in the road” that plague marriages today.

If you are truly needing to put an investment into your relationship (I’m not afraid to admit that I am) – try the Reclaim Your Marriage Program! The first is week is free, so you’ve got nothing to lose!

Mini Mom and Dad Dates

fun activities with mom and dad

Making an effort to spend quality, one-on-one time with your kids is important to me. I feel like I always have trouble coming up with ways to make it fun, though. I’m so excited that I found this product from The Dating Divas. It’s filled with ideas to make a meaningful and memorable night with each of my kiddos. What’s best, is that all the creative work is done! All I have to do is print – which means, even more, quality time with Jase, Henley, and Sadie

I may win Parent of the Year when I introduce these mini dates! If you’re ready to start making sweet memories with your kids, you can get all these date ideas and planning materials and start right away!

Road Trip in a Box

Road Trip in a Box

We love road trips here at The Triplet Farm! But, sometimes they are soooo long. Traveling to see Matt’s family in western Missouri is the worst. I feel like we have tried everything under the sun to make road trips memorable and fun. Somehow it never works out the way I planned. I want to create fun memories on the road!

When browsing around online recently for some ideas to help me on my quest for fun I came across THIS – Road Trip in a Box! I was hooked from the moment I saw it! My kiddos are a bit small for some of the activities right now. This kit will be great to continue to use for years to come. We plan on doin’ a lot of trippin’!

Diva Central - Enjoy your marriage more than ever!

Are you struggling to keep the love alive in your marriage? I can tell you that Matt and I more often than not feel more like roommates than marriage partners. It’s no lie that the last few years have been rough for us, but I am willing to do whatever it takes to keep our marriage a number one priority. I’m trying Dating Divas. What about you?

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8 thoughts on “5 Ways I’m Learning to Date My Husband Again

  1. Great ideas!! It is so important to be intentional in our marriage after baby (or babies!!) is born. Our little one is 11 months old and while we haven’t been the best at making time for date nights, we’re trying and have one planned for next week! Yay!! ??

  2. I LOVE the Dating Divas. I have used their ideas many times…I need to get on it again. One of the best ideas I got there was the Passport to Love (or something like that). Essentially, I made a passport with 12 countries we could “travel” to together and planned an at-home date once a month for a year themed around one of the passport countries. It was so fun, and my husband really appreciated the effort.

  3. I remember seeing that website a long time ago. I’m so glad you posted about it, this would be a great time to revisit. Being focused on our son, and trying to balance taking care of him and working has definitely caused me to put my relationship with my husband on the back burner. It’s so important that I get back to nurturing that relationship!

  4. All great ideas for dating your husband. My boyfriend and I have been dating for a little over 6 years and sometimes finding new things to do is hard. So anything that is exciting to do is great! I’ll have to look into some of these!

  5. What great ideas!! I have been feeling this way lately, as we haven’t really had a date night since our daughter was born (9 months ago)! Definitely needing to rekindle that romance!

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