I’m Reading Again Thanks to OttLite

I used to read – in the car, on the couch, outside, in bed before I went to sleep. Then I had kids. My time in the car is now spent breaking up fights and there is no relaxing on the couch now. Forget reading outside. I have kiddos to keep and eye on. In bed seems the logical place, right? Nope. I was just too tired to even open a book, let alone read any pages. And plus, reading by the light of the TV is just not ideal. I tried it and gave up quickly. Yep, until recently, I didn’t even have a light on my nightstand.


Then came OttLite. This little light has been a great choice for me. I’m reading again every single night. OttLite makes it easier and more enjoyable. It’s like natural daylight indoors. OttLite lighting is designed to bring the quality of natural daylight indoors so now I can see the pages of my book more clearly and comfortably.

There are so many designs and colors to choose from. I love the idea of having a USB port in the lamp so I can charge my phone without having to plug something else into the outlet. That’s why I chose the LED Desk Lamp with Sliding Dimmer and USB.

OttLight USB

The LED Desk Lamp with Sliding Dimmer and USB is perfect for any office or room. It’s lighted, touch activated slide dimmer is a fantastic addition. The lamp adjusts to 7 different levels of brightness. The shade rotates to adjust the light angle exactly where I need it. As I mentioned, the added USB port is amazing and one of the main reasons I chose this specific lamp. With OttLite Natural Daylight LED Illumination, I can see the words on the book pages clearly. It also reduces eyestrain so I read waaaay longer than I should every night!

Under my OttLite I’m finally having the opportunity to read all the books I purchase but never have the time (or the right lighting) to read. Now I’m able to better focus, see clearer and remember that there is almost nothing I love more than getting lost in a good book! What would you find under your OttLite?


Want a Discount?

If you’re looking to brighten up your life a little bit this holiday season, I’ve got something to help you out! If you’ve decided to put an OttLite on your wish list this year, you should totally pass coupon code on to all of your friends and family!

Code BLOGGER25 will give you an amazing 25% off discount (for a limited time) when you purchase through their website (valid November 7 thru December 31, 2016, on in-stock lamps)!

There’s Also a Giveaway!

Enter to win the OttLite lamp of your choice – and win one for a friend! Five winners will be selected from all the entries. Hurry, the contest ends December 7, 2016!


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