How We #BakeWithBetty This Holiday Season

Last year the kids helped Nana make Christmas cookies. They have already made plans to do so again this year. So, I thought it would be fun to make some fall/Thanksgiving-ish cookies over the weekend.

After having triplets I have learned that sometimes I just have to do things the easy way. Like, buying Betty Crocker cookie mix instead of making the dough from scratch. It saves so much time and often tears on my part. I love to bake, but I am not the best at it. And the kids have so much fun helping. Needless to say, I often rely on Betty Crocker when it comes to baking cookies.


This is How We #BakeWithBetty


Visit your local Walmart to purchase your favorite Betty Crocker cookie mix. Honestly, I never met a Betty Crocker cookie mix I didn’t like but for the cookie I had in mind, I decided on the Sugar Cookie mix.



Step 2:

Combine the mix and ingredients and stir, stir, stir. This is my Sadie’s favorite part. I called her the stir queen and she called me the butter queen!


Step 3:

Drop the dough onto the cookie sheet. And, in this case, decorate the cookies with the cutest candies and the shiniest sprinkles. This is Jase’s favorite part.



Step 4:  

Put in the oven to bake. Make funny eyes with the candies and eat the unused sprinkles. As you can tell, this was Henley’s favorite part!



Step 5:

Check on the baking cookies and realize that, oops, maybe you should have added the decorations after they were done baking. They melted!


Step 6:

Eat them anyway. They’re still edible. Not only was a funny memory made, but we had a blast making what ended up to be not so pretty, but absolutely delicious cookies.


So, in the end, the cookies didn’t turn out as I planned. That doesn’t really matter, though. What matters is that we had so much fun making the cookie, together, as a family. We laughed a lot.

I think we’ll make the fall/Thanksgiving cookie baking a tradition too. Baking is such an easy thing to do with loved ones during the holiday season thanks to Betty Crocker. Visit your local Walmart to stock up Betty Crocker cookie mixes this holiday season. You can also visit for inspiration on holiday recipes.

Do you have any holiday traditions that focus on baking? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Oh my goodness, how sweet are your babies?! They look like natural chefs! What a fun and easy (and delicious) recipe. So yummy and cannot wait to make my own sugar cookies 🙂

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