WaterWipes at WalMart.com + a Giveaway!

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My triplets are almost 4 years old and potty trained, but I am still using WaterWipes on a daily basis. I was introduced to them last fall and since then they are the only “baby wipe” we have used. Have you heard of them?

WaterWipes at Walmart.com plus a GIVEAWAY!

After triplets, I just got used to using wipes for pretty much everything. Back then, it was most likely for their intended purpose – wiping and cleaning up babies. But, you’d also catch me using them or something unordinary like cleaning tabletops or removing makeup. They are especially versatile, even after the days of changing up 36 diapers a day are over.

Our use of baby wipes has definitely changed, but I’m still picky about the ingredients in them. I want to make sure that I’m buying the safest, gentlest wipes possible. When wiping sticky hands and faces I still care about what the triplets in direct contact with. This is especially true with Henley, who has, at times, severe Eczema flare-ups. Artificial fragrances and alcohol irritate her skin, so I like to avoid products that have these things in their ingredients.

There so many choices of baby wipes available these days. Different brands offer different wipe formulations. Many have labels with hard to understand ingredients. It’s just plain difficult to know which one is right for your family.

WaterWipes at Walmart.com

For me, the answer was super simple – WaterWipes. Do you shop at Walmart.com? They carry WaterWipes, which are the purest, gentlest baby wipe available on the market.

Why WaterWipes?

They are free of potentially harmful chemicals. They contain 99.9% pure Irish Water and .1% Grapefruit Seed Extract. And…that’s it! Those two ingredients are what makes WaterWipes a much gentler and natural alternative to those other wipes.

Since the kids have been officially potty trained, I have been using WaterWipes in a lot of different ways.  The kids, especially Jase, are messy eaters. These wipes make cleaning them up a breeze. When traveling with three 3-year-olds we make sure to carry a potty seat in our Yukon. My Sadie always has to go when there’s not a restroom in sight. I always keep a pack of WaterWipes in the Yukon to wipe her on the go! I even use these wipes for removing makeup. They are gentle, effective, and they don’t irritate my sensitive skin – no stinging or burning feeling!

WaterWipes at Walmart.com

Whether you’re stuck changing what seems like 100 diapers a day or you’re long past using baby wipes for their intended purpose, I definitely recommend checking out WaterWipes. The next time you’re shopping on Walmart.com, add a package to your shopping cart. I know you’ll be just as pleased with them as we are here at The Triplet Farm. Plus, you’ll have satisfaction knowing that WaterWipes are the purest wipes available.

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