Triplet Brush Time Confessions with Hello Toothpaste

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that life with triplets is crazy and chaotic at times. Bedtime is the worst. It’s like they turn into wild and crazy animals.

Today I have a confession to make…

I sometimes forget to brush their teeth at bedtime. So bad, right?! They start screaming and my mind shuts down. I become forgetful. My eyes are on the prize – three sleeping beauties.

Triplet Brush Time Confessions with hello Toothpaste

AllI want is peace and quiet. And by the time I get it I promptly think to myself…I forgot to brush their teeth.

Of course, they don’t remind me. They HATE the taste of toothpaste. On the nights I do remember it is a struggle to get them to even open their mouths to brush. But they have no problem performing three different versions of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.

It’s the holiday season so that means we’re eating more than our fair share of sweets – cakes, sugar cookies, and chocolate pie, oh my! That means that it’s even more important to make sure and get their teeth brushed each night.

When I discovered naturally friendly hello toothpaste, I knew we had a brush-time winner!


There are few things more important than good oral care that’s why we decided to try out hello kids fluoride toothpaste. hello products are “Friendly to you. Friendly to the planet” and made in the USA. Their tubes are BPA-free and contain no phthalates and their boxes are made from 100% recycled paperboard.

I love hello products for their commitment to a high-quality and safe product. Jase, Henley, and Sadie love hello products for their fun flavors. The each had their favorites – bubble gum, natural watermelon and blue raspberry.

Now, they always remind me that they need their teeth brushed. There’s no more (gently) prying their mouths open to clean their teeth. And that makes this Mama so happy. Less fighting means a better night’s sleep for them…and for me and Daddy too.

Check out this little Brush Time Confession video we made!

We are super impressed with hello’s naturally friendly line of kids toothpaste and I love that there’s also a line for adults.

hello toothpaste

Still shopping for Christmas gifts? Here’s a neat idea: hello Toothpaste as stocking stuffers. Holiday sweets are the best. Until someone get’s a cavity, that is. Stuff their stockings with naturally friendly toothpaste and give your kids a real treat this holiday season.

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23 thoughts on “Triplet Brush Time Confessions with Hello Toothpaste

  1. I was surprised when I clicked on the link how affordable this toothpaste actually is. I feel like often products like this are way over priced, but this isn’t that much different than what I’d pay for any other toothpaste. Awesome! I’m gonna try it.

  2. Don’t feel bad! My boys usually only brush after breakfast… I really need to start working on two times a day… haha! I like that there is a flouride free option.

  3. I’ve seen this brand, but as a type A kind of mama, I went with what I knew. After hearing how much your little ones like it, I’ll have to give it a try!

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