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New blog branding (did you notice?) for the new year equals a new blog series for The Triplet Farm – Friday Five. This is not a spectacular unheard of concept I have brought to life. I’m sure that you have read similar posts from other bloggers. I’m just jumping on the bandwagon.

Every other Friday I will be sharing five things – five favorites, five recipes, five reasons I hate about dieting. Literally, anything.

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1 | Books

In the last year, I have bought 19 books – just from Amazon. This is crazy considering it now takes me several weeks to read one book. I used to be able to finish one in a couple of days. I’ve been working on Magnolia Story since the beginning of December. The struggle is real, friends. I am obsessed with books and will always buy them as long as they are making them. Ugh. Don’t even get me started on e-readers.

Read any good books lately? I’m always on the hunt for more!

Chip and Joanna

2 | Minimalism

I have vowed in 2017 to live the life of a minimalist. My word of the year is simplify which goes hand in hand with minimalism.  My life, my home, my family, my blog will be simplified this year. I have already started purging and am following the Month of Minimal Challenge by Caitlin and Manda from The Merry Thought.

Are you minimalizing this year too?

3| Black and White

I went through an “everything has to be black” period when I was a teenager. I was a rebel, like that! When that wayward time in my life ended I found color all around me and my passion for blues and greens and reds and oranges began. That is, until recently. My desire to live minimally has also skewed my thought on color. Black and white is where it’s at with me lately. Even the pictures I am sharing on INSTAGRAM are black and white. A phase? Maybe. All I know is that I am loving these colors right now.

Are you a fan of black and white…everything?!

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4| Snow

We had a pretty good snowfall here a few weeks ago. The kids LOVED playing in it and I, of course, LOVED watching them have so much fun. Since then we’ve had some flurries and it snowed a bit overnight. Nothing significant. Some of my favorite memories from growing up are when we would spend the day with my family in our home, snowed in, because we lived out in the middle of nowhere. Now, even though the kids are still so young, it’s a rare occasion for us to be just sitting around doing nothing. I’m making it a point to make that happen more often this year, though. I’m dreaming of being snowed in, sipping hot chocolate all day long…for just for a day or so.

Have you had any snow where you live yet?

5 | Sleepless Nights

Last night was the most absolute worst night of sleep I’ve had in, well, forever. At almost 4 years old my babes are having a sleep regression. That’s what I’m calling it anyway. By 330am I had maybe a total of 1 hour of sleep. I played a game of rotating beds all night long. One would wake, I’d get them back to sleep and then someone else would wake up. It reminded me a lot of having 3 newborns again. Needless to say, I am exhausted today. I don’t know how we survived with little to no sleep for so long. I am convinced that my pure love for them is what kept me going back then. Now, it’s coffee, coffee, and more coffee. Of course, I still have that love for them, but after last night caffeine is what’s working best. Say a prayer that we all get a better night’s rest tonight.

How do you keep yourself awake and alert when all you want to do is close your eyes?


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