7 Seasonal Crafts for Kids to Help Beat the Winter Blues

The weather forecast can quickly change here in the Midwest during the winter. Whether it’s snowing or raining (like today) being stuck indoors can leave kids feeling restless. When it’s too snowy, too wet, or too cold to get outside, you’ll be hearing “Mom, I’m bored!” all day long. If you’ve run out of ideas after a few days cooped inside, don’t fret. I’ve got 7 seasonal crafts for kids to help beat the winter blues.

These projects are on our to-do list this winter. Crafting hasn’t always been an easy thing with triplets, but we they are getting better every day at not making a huge mess and sharing. Previously, our craft times have ended in hair pulling and tears.

At almost 4 years old now, they love making “creations” as Sadie calls them. And I love watching them use their little minds to design, build, and paint to their heart’s content.

Make a Bird Feeder

Henley is a lot like me and worries about the birds and squirrel in the winter time. Are the warm enough? Are they getting enough food? This project I found on SheKnows will hopefully help ease her worried little heart. And mine too.


Try Mitten Math

I found this winter themed number recognition and counting activity for the kids on Stir the Wonder. Almost through their first year of preschool, they are getting very curious about math. I think this is a great way to start helping them learn more at home.


Make “Stained Glass”

This craft from Kinder-Kraze caught my eye very quickly. It’s soooo pretty. Although ours may not end up as beautiful, this is a wonderful way to bring a little winter inside when it’s too cold to go out!


Make Popsicle Stick Snowflakes

Even though these are ornaments and our tree is already down, I still think the kiddos would love making these. Check out Life is a Lullaby to find out how to make them!

Winter Crafts

Make a Winter Sensory Bin

I will admit that I am a bit hesitant on this one (all I see is rice all over my house), but as I was searching for craft ideas on Pinterest Jase saw this and wanted to know more. He loves digging – through dirt, through sand, through a pile of dirty clothes. Read all about how to get it started on The Iowa Farmer’s Wife blog.


Build a Cotton Ball Snowman

I have cotton balls running out of my ears. I think I buy some every time I go to the store. So, with the cotton overload, I thought it would be a great time to put some to craft use. These snowmen are adorable! Check out A Little Pinch of Perfect to get a snowman template!

Winter Crafts

Make Snow Cloud Dough

When it’s too cold to play in the snow, why not bring it inside?! This is another great form of sensory play that I know the kids will enjoy. The added glitter makes it extra fun. Look for the recipe on Nurture Store.

Winter Crafts

Do you kids enjoy making creations too? How do you help your kids beat the winter blues? Let me know in the comments.

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