What We’re Reading: Books About Winter

I’m not sure that there is a better way to hide away from the winter cold than to curl up with a good book…or ten! It’s no lie that I am a book lover. I’m proud to say that I’m raising three little book lovers too. Just one more… That’s what I hear at bedtime every night. Most of the time I oblige.

Right now we’re reading books about winter, it’s beauty, and it’s magic!

Books About Winter

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Secrets of Winter

Books About Winter

I am a huge Usborne Books and More fan. I am, after all, a consultant. The first time I was introduced to their Shine-a-Light books I was hooked…and so were the kids. The Secrets of Winter is a visually fascinating book. It also teaches children facts about the animals and the winter world they inhabit.

Who is out and about during wintertime? Shine a light behind the pages and discover a natural winter world full of surprises!

Waiting for Winter

Books About Winter

Under normal circumstances, squirrels tend to sleep through the winter. However, this year the Squirrel has heard from Deer that it’s going to snow. Squirrel has never seen snow before so he commits himself to staying up to wait for it.

Waiting for Winter is smart, clever, beautifully illustrated, and downright funny.

The Story of Snow

Books About Winter

This nonfiction book can be used as a storytime book for curious minds. It is a simply written story about snow crystals. We’ve all heard that no two snowflakes are alike but now we get to see up close for ourselves the difference in each snowflake. The book uses drawings and photographs of snow to help show its life cycle in detail.

It’s the perfect short read for cold winter days.

The Winter Train

Books About Winter

A beautiful tale set in the woods, features a gentle giant of a train, that helps the woodland animals travel to their warm winter home.

This adorable story will renew your faith in friends and family and will hopefully show your little ones, that no one should ever be forgotten!

Waiting for Snow

Books About Winter

This is a picture book story about animals friends waiting impatiently for the snow to fall and their antics to get Mother Nature to drop the white fluff. It’s funny and sweet and will make you wish you had snow too.

This is a great book to share during the cold weather season.

The Wish Tree

Books About Winter

The Wish Tree is a story about believing. Little Charles sets out to find the magical wish-granting tree in the forest, no matter what his brother and sister tell him about the impossibility of a wish tree. Charles helps many forest friends along the way and they help him in the end.

I have simply fallen in love with this heartwarming tale!

Do your kids have any favorite books about wintertime? I’d love to hear about them in the comments!

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