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I’m so happy to share our first Marvelous Mom in this new-ish blog series, Marvelous Mom Monday. Joanne is a blogger and a homeschooler to three boys. She also seems to have the same style as me…comfortable!

Read on to find out more on her life as a mother,  her family traditions, and more.

Marvelous Mom Monday

1 | What’s typical day in the life of your family like?

With homeschooling, we rarely have a “typical” day. Some days we’re heading out early for an activity or a field trip. Other days we’re home doing more traditional schoolwork.

A typical day at home finds us waking between 6 and 7, playing video games, watching TV (or in my case) blogging until 8 or even 9. We eat breakfast together most days and I’ll read aloud from our latest book or series. After breakfast, the boys complete their individual work in Spelling, Reading, Math, and usually one other subject like English or Writing.  We’ll work together to clean the house, do a few chores and then settle down for lunch, where I often end up reading aloud some picture books about science, geography, or history. 

After lunch, we might complete an art project, go for a hike, play a few board games, or put together a science experiment. By 3:30 or 4 the boys are allowed to have their screens and electronic devices back and I once again turn to blogging while simultaneously planning dinner. My husband is usually home by 5:30 and we sit down most nights to a nice family dinner. The boys do some more chores after dinner and we spend our night playing more games, running errands, watching TV, or tackling a new project — like making a wooden sword at the woodworking shop with dad.

2 | Do you have any family traditions?

We have a lot of family traditions through the various seasons. I am finding that as my boys are getting older some of our traditions are modified or changing completely.  One thing that has always remained is to buy my boys ornaments each Christmas that signify a special trip we took, a new skill they learned or signifies some meaningful event of the year.  When they’re all grown up and ready to move out they’ll have a tree full of memories. 

3 | What advice would you give your younger self on children? 

I think mostly I’d tell myself to stop trying to control everything and to stop worrying about all the little things. Kids and life are unpredictable and family life is much less stressful if you can just learn to go with it. In truth, it’s something I’m still trying to tell myself even now!

4 | What do you do when you feel overwhelmed as a mother?

I often talk to my mom friends, my mother, my husband, or my mother in-laws (yes, I have two).  Also, I’ll usually blog about it too.  Having that community of moms, even if they’re just saying “yep, I hear you! I’ve had the same thing happen” helps.  Talking helps, and if not there’s always chocolate!

5 | Which celebrity would you pick to play you in a movie of your life? Why?

Jennifer Garner. I just loved her in her mothering roles in Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day and The Odd Life of Timothy Green. 

6 | What is something that you have learned from your child(ren) lately?

One of the most important lessons I’ve learned while homeschooling is that we are always learning every day of our lives.  Today my middle son informed me that giant panda bears will even eat mice.  I had no idea; I thought they only ate bamboo.

7 | What is your favorite time of day with your child(ren)?

My favorite time is usually between lunch and dinner. That is when all the schoolwork is completed and we’re free to explore “fun” subjects and personal interests.  This is the time of day I often find my boys deep in thought and working hard. 

8 | What is something that you pretend that you know about have no clue about? 

Video games and technology. I can even throw around quite a few terms and ask questions like I get it, but I just don’t.

9 | What is your go-to outfit?

That’s easy!  Three seasons out of the year you’ll find me in either yoga pants or leggings with either a pretty sweater and scarf (if I’m “dressing up”) or in a hooded sweatshirt. 

10 | What’s on your to-do list today?

Do school with the boys, keep the wood stove going, plan and fix dinner, have fun and make a few memories with the boys. 

11 | Any advice on parenting, motherhood, womanhood, or life that you’d like to share?

Don’t try to live anyone’s life but your own. It’s hard not to fall into the comparison trap and wish you could bake like this mom or keep your house as clean as that moms. Ultimately we all are who we are meant to be. We are all different people with different strengths and talents and we should just focus on living our lives the best we can. 

Marvelous Mom Monday

Joanne Rawson is the author of the blog Our Unschooling Journey. Known around the web as Mother of 3, Joanne began her blog when she first started homeschooling her three boys in 2012. She lives in Connecticut with her family and enjoys reading, crafting, and traveling…all of which usually ends up on her blog.

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