Give Me All The Valentine’s Day Things | A Sort of Gift Guide

This isn’t so much a gift guide as it is a “look at these super cute Valentine’s Day themed things I found” guide. Nonetheless, these 14 things you or someone close to you totally need in your life.

Adorable tees – yes! Funny cards – always a must. And Valentine’s Day just wouldn’t be complete without a pretty banner hanging in my your home.

Here’s a Sort of Valentine’s Day Gift Guide


Give Me All the Valentine's Day Things


1) Y’all Tee  //  2) XO Banner  //  3) Heart Purse  //  4) Heart Apron  //  5) Hug Kiss Repeat Towel  //  6) Banner Pillow  //  7) U Tee  //  8) Toilet Paper Roll Card  //  9) Sweatpants Card  //  10) Love Lives Here Banner  //  11) Love Buffalo Plaid Tee  //  12) Pink Heart Umbrella  //  13) Arrow Pillow Cover  //  14) Cupid is Stupid Tee

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