Mourning a Loss That Isn’t Mine But Hits So Close to Home

I found out very early on in my triplet pregnancy that the mama’s of multiples community is a tight knit one. When I began seeking any type of advice on how to survive carrying three babies, I was quickly scooped up by another triplet mama and gently placed into a world full of other newly and soon to be triplet moms – more than 600 to be exact.

I am confident they helped me get through the first year of parenting three premature babies.

After almost 4 years as a part of the triplet world, I finally got my chance to mentor a friend of a friend of a friend that was pregnant with three girls. I contacted her as soon as I could. I was told she had so many questions but I ended up asking more questions than she did.

Our first conversation was short and to the point.

Our next conversation was concerning. She had been admitted into the hospital.

Our last conversation was positive. I told her I was sending a care package.

The next day she delivered her girls at just under 21 weeks gestation. They did not survive and their sweet mama was fighting for her life.

That was a more than a week ago. I haven’t contacted her since her loss. I’m not sure what to say that hasn’t already been said to her a million times. My heart is aching for her, but I cannot find any words that will make her not hurt.

So yesterday, today, and for awhile longer, I am mourning a loss that isn’t mine, but hits so close to home. I am praying and shedding tears for her and for her family. And I am reminding God just how thankful I am for my triplets.

Dear, friend of a friend of a friend…if by any chance you read this (don’t feel obligated to – the pain is still too raw I imagine) I am so very sorry for your loss. I am thinking of you daily and hope you are doing as well as can be. I’m praying that as your body heals your heart does as well.


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One thought on “Mourning a Loss That Isn’t Mine But Hits So Close to Home

  1. As a mom of an angel baby, I can tell you that you never get tired of being checked on. You seem distracted and you are in shock for who knows how long. But those texts and emails of ” I love you, I am here” or the people who showed up to clean my house. Those all mean so much. Please give her my love from one angel mom to another.

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