Friday Five | Church, Children’s Museum, and Cupcakes

Happy Friday, friends!

It’s time for another edition of Friday Five, where I will be sharing five things – favorites, recipes, reasons I hate about dieting. Literally, anything.

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Friday Five with The Triplet Farm

one | church

I need friends. I have no real life friends that I can vent to or go out with or even just laugh with. My sister (my forever best friend, but lives 150 miles away from me) suggested that I needed to find a church. She told me that some of her most deep down conversations and friendships are through her church group. I want that too.

The truth is that I have wanted to start going to church for quite awhile.

Nothing ever came of that thought. I always used the triplets as an excuse – that it would be just too hard to get them (and us) ready and out the door so early – that they would throw a fit when we left them in children’s church.

But, since they started preschool I know that we can get it together quickly and I know that they may get upset, but that they enjoy meeting new friends too.

So, this weekend we are going. Wish us luck. I want more than anything for this to be something we can do as a family. I want more than anything to make real life friends.

two | children’s museum

Today we’re taking the kids to The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis to celebrate their birthdays. We’ve been once before, last summer. It was amazing. I knew the kids would enjoy it. What I didn’t realize is that I would have so much fun too. Okay, so maybe most of my enjoyment came from watching my babes eyes light up when they entered the Doc McStuffins exhibit or watching them giggle as the rode the carousel. Either way, though, it was a blast!

There are a couple of new exhibits that I am sure we the kids will LOVE.

Get this, there is a chocolate slide straight out of my Willy Wonka dreams! So, it’s not made out of real chocolate (bummer) but from the pictures I have seen it could pass as the real thing!

And there is a circus – there are big top performers, a virtual reality tightrope and the kids can even get into the act and become a performer themselves! It technically doesn’t open until Saturday, but members (we just became members) get a preview of the circus experience today!

Gah! I’m so excited.

three | cupcakes

I’m an Usborne Books and More consultant. Did you know? I took a break at the end of the year and just haven’t had the motivation to get started back again. The company is amazing and my business of spreading literacy awareness is so important to me.

I’m raising readers, ya know!

My team leader shared this graphic today. And when I read FREE cupcake kit, I got back that motivation to help other parents raise readers too.

Wanna book a Facebook party and have the opportunity to get this cupcake kit + FREE books? I’m totally open for the rest of February, friends. Just comment on this post if you’re interested and I will get back to you pronto!

four | the girl’s bedroom

Jase moved out of the nursery and into his own a long time ago. I can’t even remember when. Now, at almost 4 he sleeps in my and the hub’s old queen size bed.

The girls are currently sleeping in the toddler beds that converted from their cribs. For months now they’ve been wanting big girl beds. So, now it’s their turn to grow up too fast and leave home move to twin beds.

Last weekend we bought the mattresses, headboards are in the works, and I picked out the cutest comforters from Target. Henley was dead set on a Paw Patrol (the boy version) cover and Sadie wanted Minnie Mouse. I settled on letting them pick out character sheets. There was no fighting me on the comforters. I have dreamed of decorating my girl’s room since Jase moved out.

Sadie’s is, of course, the girly floral and Henley’s is the tomboyish stripes. They aren’t 100% in love with them. Like I said, though. There is NO arguing with me on this. I am in “I used to want to be an interior decorator” Heaven.

So cute, right?

I’m still looking for a nightstand or two to refinish and their dresser and chest of drawers will be painted – mint…I think.

Watch for updates on the remodel soon!

five | taco john’s

I love, love, love Taco John’s. The only problem is that there isn’t one anywhere close me. Their chicken tacos are my absolute favorite. And the potato ole’s aren’t too shabby either.

My amazing husband found a brand spankin’ new Taco John’s while he was at one of his stores a couple of hours from home recently. And tonight (as I am writing this on Thursday), friends, he’s bringing me home tacos, tacos, and more tacos.

I knew there was a reason I loved him so much! They may be cold from the long commute home, but I don’t even care. I’m one happy Mama. He must have known I’ve had a hard day!

taco meme

What have you been up to lately?

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2 thoughts on “Friday Five | Church, Children’s Museum, and Cupcakes

  1. That floral comforter is SO cute. I kinda want it for myself! I’ve never heard of Taco John’s and apparently there isn’t one close to us, but I love tacos too! Luckily we live in Arizona and there’s plenty of other places to choose from…now I’m craving Mexican food!
    Sam | Away She Went recently posted…Friday FiveMy Profile

  2. Angela. I sure do enjoy your blog. I took my grand boys last summer to the Children’s Museum. It was so fun. Another place you might try is the Fair Oaks Farm north of Indy a couple hours. It is super fun! Lastly If you are looking for a church that has some great friends, I would like to invite your family to our church, Martinsville Bible Church. We have a large group of young married adults your age with children your triplets age. There are couples from throughout the county that attend including several from the Marshall area.

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