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Happy Monday, friends!

Can I tell you a secret? I am a Monday person. Yep. Crazy, huh?! I love the fresh start of the new week. It also means that I’m sharing a new Marvelous Mom with you all!

This week we’re hearing from Heather at Mom’s Balanced Life. Find out what piece of “mom clothing” she has just discovered, what celebrity she’d like to have play her in a movie of her life, and more!

Marvelous Mom Monday

one | What’s typical day in the life of your family like?

With two dogs, a tween and a toddler one word might sum this up. Chaos. It’s a happy chaos, though. My husband and I both work outside of the home right now. The blog at is a side hustle/passion. My oldest helps keep the dogs in line while I get the toddler ready for daycare and head out. Then it’s off to work for me. Come home with toddler in tow and cook dinner. Kids play games together while hubs takes the dogs for walks. Then I work on writing and cleaning and whatever else may come up!

two | Do you have any family traditions?

Yes. Christmas we do the normal open a Christmas Eve present. Birthdays are always celebrated with a special birthday breakfast plus the party. The last weekend before school starts we always plan an adventure as a family. Usually, it’s a day trip somewhere we have never been. Last year it was to the zoo in our new city and the year before that it was the Grand Canyon.

three | What advice would you give your younger self on children?

They are a lot of fun but a lot of work. You will feel like you fail them and yourself on a constant basis but they are the light of my life and I have no idea what I would do without their messes and love.

four | What do you do when you feel overwhelmed as a mother?

A hot bath soak with lavender oil. I like to do my writing too. I keep a journal for moments like that.

five | Which celebrity would you pick to play you in a movie of your life? Why?

Drew Barrymore. I semi resemble her and I think she has a lot of life experience to do me justice. 

six | What is something that you have learned from your child(ren) lately?

Tomorrow may or may not come. I always make sure they know I love them, even on the rough days filled with tears. I learned to love more deeply after losing our baby boy to a genetic condition and having a hormonal tween in the house teaches you how quickly words can hurt a sensitive heart.

seven | What is your favorite time of day with your child(ren)?

After dinner. This is when we really get to hear about everyone’s day and what projects (fun ones) were done. No talk of homework, just enjoying each other’s company either watching a fun show, playing games, or reading stories.

eight | What is something that you pretend that you know about have no clue about?

Ha ha. I think I have to wing it the most regarding potty training. I am not the best at routine but I sure try to preach it!

nine |  What is your go-to outfit?

I have finally discovered the comfort of leggings! Leggings with the cute long shirts are fast becoming a favorite.

ten | What’s on your to-do list today?

Answer this email. Do some research for the next blog post. Create a graphic for Inspiration Tuesday on the blog and spend some time with my kids and hubs.

eleven |  Any advice on parenting, motherhood, womanhood, or life that you’d like to share?

Mom’s can be too hard on themselves. We need to cut ourselves some slack. Somehow some way we always find a way to work things out. We carried humans in our abdomens, we put people before ourselves so much. We need to learn to pat ourselves on the back and really feel good about all that we have accomplished.

Heather is a nagging wife and a mom of 2 crazy boys and an angel baby boy. She has a passion for all things health and happiness and is a certified health coach with a Bachelor’s in the Physical Sciences.  She has decided to take each day as a new journey. Her hope for her blog, Mom’s Balanced Life, is to publish her personal opinions on balancing life in health, happiness and being a mom.  She enjoys learning new things and finding opportunities to share and encourage those around her.

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