3 Reasons Why My Last Trip to Super Target Was Less Than Super

Target is my second Heaven. There are very few places in this world that I love more than Target. When I have the opportunity to go I will drop everything to just roam the perfectly styled aisles.

That being said, the closest Target to me is more than an hour away. Rarely do I get the chance to wander down the bedding aisle mentally designing my dream bedroom. It’s not often that I get to drift through the clothing department and wonder (because I hate trying on clothes) if that shirt adorable mint green shirt will fit. More often than not I am accompanied by my preschoolers and/or my husband.

While I do enjoy their company, when my mind is in Target mode, them following me around like little, lost puppies is the last thing I want.

Most visits I can ignore the fighting over who was going to sit where in the cart or the constant asking of “Are you done yet?”. My last trip to Super Target was less than super, though. Here’s why:

Why My Last Trip to Super Target Was Less Than Super

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one | valentine’s day clearance

I spotted it the minute I walked in the door. An entire aisle of red and pink goodness. I skipped over the candy (yay me) and immediately honed into the two (seriously, just two) pieces of holiday decor that I kept looking at over and over online. They were only $1 each. As I spun around to toss them in the cart the hubs responded with “Do you really need those? You’ll just give them away like you are everything else right now. What happened to you becoming a minimalist?”

Grr. Seriously. They’re only $1 and who gets rid of super cute holiday decor before it’s even used? No one. And two small items that will only be used once a year and then neatly stored away will not interrupt my need to minimize.

He won that argument.

Target Valentine's Day

two | toddler clothes

I am totally annoyed by spring and summer clothes being out already. Especially when we live in the Midwest and winter weather can sometimes last through April. Albeit, the weather has been unseasonably warm the last week or so. Thanks so much, global warming. But, still…February and you’re selling shorts and tank tops?

The most annoying thing about this is that when I am ready to start buying new spring and summer clothes, there is nothing left. Those others moms jumped the gun and bought every single pair of those adorable shorts and the Cat & Jack tees I spotted, but talked myself out of buying since it’s February.

All is not lost though because there were a few clearance racks. And I use the term clearance loosely. Less than $1 off…not a deal. I ended up with nothing from the “clearance” section. Boo.

three | my husband

I love that man dearly, but he insists on staying with me when I am shopping. He follows me and silently thinks to himself she does not need that. I don’t have to be a mind reader. I can see the look in his eyes. Or he huffs and he puffs until I get uber annoyed and just give up shopping. I must tell you, the latter rarely happens, though. I’m no Target quitter.

He says he doesn’t like to be separated in a store and that he doesn’t mind when I follow him around. To be straight, I don’t follow him. I am guilt tripped into walking aimlessly through every aisle that I skip – the tools, the electronics, etc.

Is it too much for me to just be able to shop in peace? Let me take in the new bedding smells without hearing “Don’t we have enough pillows?” One can never have too many throw pillows. Let me roam through the maze of purses without hearing “You have one just like that already.” I do have one similar, but not in this color. And please let me soak up every bit of the Dollar Spot aisles without hearing “That is a waste of money.” If I love it and use it then that Welcome Spring banner is totally worth the $3, honey.

All was not lost, though. I may have left Target almost empty handed this time (I did get the girls new jeggings and a pair of sandals for myself) but I did end up visiting Target.com on the ride home and got some amazing deals that I didn’t find in the store.

Want some amazing deals of your own:

Happy shopping!

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