Why I Love ABCMouse for My Preschoolers | And a Few Reasons They Love it Too

Making sure my children get a proper education is of the utmost importance to me. They are learning so much in preschool and I want to keep up their love of learning on their days off and upcoming summer off from school.

One way I am doing that now is through ABCmouse.com® Early Learning Academy.

If you have children who watch any type of children’s programming, there’s no doubt you have seen an ABCmouse commercial.

If you are unfamiliar, ABCmouse.com is monthly subscription online academy for kids ages 2-8 years old. They are the leading online early education curriculum for parents, preschools, and kindergartens in the United States and Canada.

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What’s great is that ABCmouse recently launched their comprehensive second-grade curriculum. It was designed to address the learning needs and interests of second-grade students with the goal of preparing them for the critical transition to the third grade.

Why We Love ABCmouse.com

This award-winning curriculum has been created in close collaboration with early childhood education experts. It offers over 8,500 books, games, songs, puzzles, and art activities. Each with specific learning objectives in several subjects, to go along with over 850 complete lessons across all subjects.

Their comprehensive curriculum includes these preschool, pre-k, and kindergarten subjects and topics:

  • Health: the human body, habits for health and safety, health care
  • Language Development: vocabulary, listening skills, grammar
  • Math: numbers and operations, shapes, measurement, patterns
  • Reading: the alphabet, phonics, sight words, comprehension, reading strategies
  • Science and Technology: weather, plants and animals, matter and energy, space science
  • Social Studies: families and communities, geography, maps, states, U.S. history

I appreciate the progress tracker most of all. With the ABCmouse Progress Tracker, it’s easy to see how much progress the kids are making. In addition to the display of the total number of learning activities completed in each category (books, songs, puzzles, games, and art), there are also easy-to-read graphs that show their progress both by academic level and by curriculum subject.

The Cost

We’ve had ABCmouse for a few months and the kids think it’s so much fun. They even argue at times who’s turn it is to “play.” They are able to easily navigate the app on my phone (or website on the computer) now that they have some experience using it.

The kids love the tickets and rewards system feature! There is so much for children to do and learn, they never get bored and I often have to remind them that it is the next person’s turn.

Finally, setting up our account was so easy. You can register up to three children, as well as an adult per account.  It’s interactive and I am seriously impressed with the content ABCmouse.com has to offer.

There are so many educational and learning apps out there. It seems like we’ve tried them all and ABCmouse is the one the kids keep going back to time and again.

So, what do you think of ABCmouse?

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