8 Exciting Easter Crafts For Kids | Eggs, Bunnies, and Chicks, Oh My!

When I was young I would spend hours creating anything and everything. Holiday crafts were my absolute favorite. Now that my kids are 4 years old crafting at The Triplet Farm has become so much easier. And I am happy to report that all three of them love making creations (as Sadie calls them) as well.

I love spring not only for the warmer weather and new beginnings it brings. I also love spring because of the amazing colors and the seemingly thousands of crafts ideas.

Here are 8 exciting Easter crafts I found on Pinterest that I’m going to try with Jase, Henley, and Sadie.

Potato Easter Egg Stamps

How cute is this?! I am amazed at the things people think of. We actually have real potatoes in our house and paint. So, I may try this one today.

Cardboard Tube Easter Bunnies

The kids usually like to use empty toilet paper rolls for spyglasses and binoculars. Hopefully, they won’t be disappointed when I take a few so they can make these adorable little bunnies.

Bunny Garland

There is nothing more that I love (decor wise) than a good bunting or banner to display in our home. I think I have one for every season and holiday…except Easter. I would love for the kids to make these bunnies so I can display them in the house!

Bunny Ears and Whiskers

The kids love pretending to be anything. Jase spends his days fighting crime as a Ninja Turtle. After we make these cuties they all can spend their days hopping along the bunny trail eating all the carrots in sight! Ha!

Stained Glass Cross

Last month we started attending church as a family for the firs time. So, the kids have learned a lot about Jesus and the cross lately. I know they will love making this creation!

Bunny Bag Puppet

I’m pretty sure we make paper bag puppets for every holiday craft session. We’re obsessed. I mean, how can we not be. This bunny is just the sweetest, right?!

Bunny and Chick Thumbprint Art

Gah! I think I’m the most excited about this one. Seriously. These thumbprint bunnies and chicks are so darling.

Tape Resist Easter Cross

This is another great cross craft. It’s so pretty and I can’t wait to display them in our home!

Do you enjoy crafting with your kids? What are some of your favorite Easter projects? I’d love to hear about them in the comments!

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