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Today, we’re learning about Kimberly, our fifth Marvelous Mom in this new-ish blog series, Marvelous Mom Monday. Kimberly is a blogger and mother to adorable twin girls and one handsome little boy!

Read on to find out about her life as a mother,  advice she would give her younger self, and so much more!

Marvelous Mom Monday

one | What’s typical day in the life of your family like?

A typical day for us is me with my three kids.  We do breakfast, play a bit, and then my daughters get their morning nap.  During that time my son and I do one on one learning activities.  Then he gets his independent playtime while I work, blog, or do chores. 

We all do lunch, then head to whatever our activity is for that day.  We go to library programs, play at parks, run errands- the usual stuff.  The kids all nap from 2-4 and I get more time for work, writing, and other projects I am working on. 

After nap we play a bit, then dinner and family time once my husband gets home from work.  The kids all head to bed at seven and my husband and I get our time.

two |  Do you have any family traditions?

We’re still building our little family traditions.  We do a lot of the usual things around the holidays- stockings, Christmas cookies, the likes.  We do have a New Year’s Day tradition of all staying home and playing games. 

Our hope is this can be something our kids can do with us as they get older and want to hang out with their friends more.  We make sure to eat pork and sauerkraut for luck through the year.  

three | What advice would you give your younger self on children?

I would tell myself to relax.  The biggest thing kids need is love.  If you are loving them with all you have and trying to do your best for them, you are doing just fine. 

Also, time really does solve a lot of problems.  Kids go through a lot of phases that are perfectly normal.  Do your best to help them out and get through challenging spots, but know time will be a huge help with a lot of them.  (Especially during the early baby days!)

four | What do you do when you feel overwhelmed as a mother?

If I am feeling overwhelmed as a mother I make lists of what needs to be done.  And I put everything on those lists, even things like shower, eat or drink coffee.  Things that would be done regardless of being on the list or not.  Then I get to cross them off and see that I am in fact getting things done, even if I feel like I’m not. 

I also like to take a time out day.  I don’t plan anything and just hang out and play with the kids.  If I am meeting their needs and connecting with them I can better get everything else done too.

five | Which celebrity would you pick to play you in a movie of your life? Why?

I would like to say Jennifer Lawrence, because I like her, think she is funny and realistic, and think she is a great actress.  I like what I have heard Reese Witherspoon say about parenting, she seems to be practical about it.  So I think I might go with Reese.

six | What is something that you have learned from your child(ren) lately?

Give love freely.  My kids love to give hugs and kisses and it is so sweet.  That and my son reminded me to use nice words when I told was muttering at the cat for kicking all her litter out of her litter box.

seven | What is your favorite time of day with your child(ren)?

I love when the kids first wake up in the morning.  They are so happy and ready to face the day.  I get really big hugs and they seem so pleased to see me.  And I’m pretty pumped to see them. 

The other time is before bed.  We are all just hanging out as a family, playing and enjoying each other.  It isn’t anything special, but we laugh a lot and are all together.

eight | What is something that you pretend that you know about have no clue about?

Fixing toys.  I could fix most of the toys that break and replace all the batteries that need changing.  But instead, I tell the kids only daddy can do that and set them aside for him to deal with.  It makes him feel needed, right?

nine | What is your go-to outfit?

Jeans or leggings, a tank top, and a cute top shirt.  (My girls are still nursing, so the tank helps with that.) Comfortable enough to be hanging out with the kids, but cute enough to be seen in public.  I get full ready every day- shower, make-up, hair.  I don’t spend a ton of time on it, but it makes me feel more productive in my day.

ten | What’s on your to-do list today?

Today is laundry, one on one time with my son, library story hour, work for a client (I do bookkeeping from home), blogging, and uploading some pictures.  Then the regular things like feeding the kids, cleaning the kitchen after all the eating, and picking up after the kids.

eleven | Any advice on parenting, motherhood, womanhood, or life that you’d like to share?

I’m a big fan of picking my battles.  Is something really worth fighting over?  Chances are if it isn’t a safety or health issue, or one of politeness and manners, I can let it go.  I try to remember to not let other people’s judgments get to me. 

If a situation in my family isn’t bothering us, why change it just because someone else thinks you should?  Who says kids need to be out of the crib by a certain age, or they need to be potty trained before age two or other things like that?  If it is working for you and your family, and your kids are healthy and developing well, it is no one else’s business. 

Of course, I am still working on not worrying about what others think.  It’s easier said than done!

I’m Kim.  I am a happy wife and a mother to three great kids- a three and a half-year-old son and twin daughters who just turned one.  A former chemist and accountant, I am now working from home while taking care of my sweet little ones. 

I started my blog, Team Cartwright, as a way to record our growing family and share it with friends and family who live far away.  It has now grown to include my twin mom experiences and all things parenting with the goal of being a positive place to bounce around ideas.  It takes a supportive team to raise children.  I enjoy reading, coffee, cooking, and spending time with my family.

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