Mother and Son Date Ideas | 7 Ways to Bond and Connect

Have I mentioned how much I love having a son? Okay, yes. Yes, I have. Gah! When I heard the words “baby B is actually a boy” my heart melted. For the longest time, I was his and he was mine. The bond we once shared was amazing. He was Mommy’s boy. I was the one he wanted when he was sad or hurt or just needed a snuggle. He was so sweet and kind and loving.

And then something happened.

He no longer wanted me. He became hateful and just downright mean at times. I’m pretending it’s “just a phase” as I want more than anything than to bring back that special bond we used to share.

I keep making excuses as to why our closeness may be failing – he’s getting older, I’m a girl, I’m not a Ninja Turtle. I guess, it is inevitable that there will be a day when I’m no longer number one in his life. And although that thought makes me unbelievably sad until that day he here I’m working hard to reconnect with him again.

I’m starting with a little bit of one on one time with him. Here are some mother and son date ideas I have to hopefully (fingers crossed) bond and connect with him again.

one | dinner and a movie

Who doesn’t love dinner out?! Add a movie afterward and you’ll have so much fun you’ll forget all about that fight you had about why he should not watch the Annoying Orange on YouTube.

two | get active

Try bowling or putt putt golf if he’s still young. Laser tag or a paintball gun fight if he’s older. Theses are all things many boys love. Let loose and join him for some amazing fun!

three | scavenger hunt

You can find so many different kinds of scavenger hunt printables on Pinterest. Find one you like, print it out, and spend the day (or evening) with your son searching for a yellow house or a white rock or a pink flower!

four | baseball games

I can’t count the number of baseball games my husband has taken our son to. I love baseball too so this year I’m going take him to one or ten! Don’t like baseball? Soccer, football, or hockey will work too!

five | library or bookstore

I’m proud to say that I am raising readers. My kiddos love the library. We used to go to toddler time at our local library every week. Want to raise a reader too? Explore the library or a bookstore with your son and watch his imagination run wild.

six | park time

Seriously. How much fun is the park? Bring some remote control cars to race or Nerf guns to shoot at each other and you’ll have the perfect day with your son. As long as no one shoots an eye out!

seven | nature walk

Boys + sticks + bugs = the perfect combination. Take him on a walk. Let him dig in the dirt. Let him show you all the weird bugs he finds. You may be totally grossed out, but he’ll be in Heaven and if you’re anything like me, that will make your heart happy!

Do you have any special ways that you bond and connect with your son? I’d love to hear about them in the comments!

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