Update Your Outdoor Living Space | Doormats, Pillows, and Planters

Yesterday we spent the afternoon spring cleaning our yard. We picked up sticks and trash (seriously, please don’t litter) with of help from the kids. And we also spread more than 40 bags of mulch around our landscaping with the help of my in-laws.

So, now, I want to buy new everything (patio furniture, lighting, rugs, etc) to update our outdoor living space. That isn’t possible, of course, so I’m settling for a few new doormats, new outdoor pillows, and maybe a planter or two.

Check out these adorable doormats, pretty pillows, and perfect planters I’ve found. Now, I just need to convince my husband that we need to decorate outside our home too. I’m sure he’ll be thrilled. Insert sarcasm…


I am such a sucker for doormats. I think last year I bought six of them and put them at every door and step outside. These nine are on my short list for this year!

Outdoor Pillows

In the almost 8 years that we’ve lived in our home, I have never bought outdoor pillows for our porch swing or hammock. This year, I am making sure to check them off my list!


I wouldn’t say that I have a green thumb, but I have managed to keep a succulent alive since last May. So, now, of course, I think I’m a gardener and need one or two of these planters!

Copper Planter with Hooks // VegTrug Herb Garden // Vence Planter // Kids VegTrug  // Hanging Copper Planter // VegTrugTM; Wall Hugger Planter, Small // Galvanized Planters, Set of 3 // Copper Vertical Wall Planter // Copper Round Ribbed Planter

Have you spring cleaned your yard yet? What are some things you hope to get to update your outdoor living space this year?

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4 thoughts on “Update Your Outdoor Living Space | Doormats, Pillows, and Planters

  1. Can I have one of everything?!?! Please and thank you 🙂 Great finds, I love decorating our outdoor patio area! Thanks for all the great Inspiration today!

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