Don’t Sweat Dinnertime, Try Blue Apron | A Review

I’m sure that you have heard of Blue Apron – the meal delivery service that sends perfect proportions of ingredients to make creative and delicious dinners. Don’t sweat dinnertime anymore. Here’s how Blue Apron can make your weeknight dinners easy peasy!

About Blue Apron

Blue Apron sources all of their ingredients from 150 small farms. Their ingredients are non-GMO, sustainable seafood, and meat with no hormones or antibiotics.

To increase the quality of Blue Apron’s offering. the supply chain goes from the farm to Blue Apron, then straight to your dinner table. They cut out wholesalers, grocery warehouses, and stores to deliver much fresher food.

What’s great is that Blue Apron helps minimize food waste by predicting orders ahead of time and working with farmers and chefs to grow and create pre-portioned recipes. In turn, food is not wasted or overproduced by the farms. In 2016 they saved 2.8 million pounds of food!

Our Meals

Our 2 person plan included Spinach & Fresh Mozzarella Pizza, Fontina-Stuffed Pork Chops, and Chicken Under a “Brick”. These meals were a bit of fresh air in our hot dog and mac and cheese world. The need to appease the kid’s taste buds has left our meal choices a limited, to say the least.

That’s why I love Blue Apron. We can totally make meals just for the two of us and leave the kids to choose what they really want to eat. Not to veer off their “this is the only thing I will eat path”, the kids requested peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and applesauce. So, while I prepared those, the hubs started the Spinach and Fresh Mozzarella Pizza.

Everyone was happy – which is rare at dinnertime. I love the variety that Blue Apron offers as it allows us to try new things that I would never make on my own.

one | spinach & fresh mozzarella pizza

Pizza is one of our favorites here and I was so excited to something other than our normal pepperoni or everything but the kitchen sink.

I loved that the sauce was on the side because although I am a pizza lover, I am not a huge sauce lover. And the spinach, well, it speaks for itself. Yum.

The hubs enjoys the prepping part so I let him go for it. Green peppers, garlic, oregano, black olives, and shallots were on the cutting board. The smell of just the ingredients was wonderful.

I took it upon myself to tear up (and sample) the fresh mozzarella and saute the spinach. I sampled it too, of course. We couldn’t continue making something that didn’t taste good, right?!

After baking, we crumbled ricotta cheese on top of the warm (and oh so lovely smelling) pizza. The end result was nothing less than delicious.

two | fontina-stuffed pork chops

These pork chops were amazing. The peppers were so sweet and with the potatoes, they made a perfect sweet/salty combination. My husband was so impressed that he said he’s going to try and make them on his own!

three | chicken under a “brick”

I love chicken and would eat it every day. I have to say this meal did not disappoint. My only complaint is that there wasn’t enough for my husband. I may or may not have almost eaten the entire half chicken.

Are you ready to get cooking? You might discover a new recipe you never knew you needed in your life.  Get $30 off your first box! Happy cooking!

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