Spring Break Day No. 2 | 9 Reasons Why I’m Already Losing My Mind

It’s day two of spring break for the kids and I am already losing my mind. Well, what’s left of it, anyway. There’s an entire week left of this “momma doesn’t get a break” break. That’s 168 hours, 10,080 minutes, or 604,800 seconds, friends. But, who’s counting?

Before I get to the reasons why I am already losing my mind, please know that I love, love, love my children. So, don’t hold anything against me for the words I am about to write. I mean, every mom has these feelings every now and then. If not, then she’s probably lost is completely already.

one | mom, mom, mom

In the last 24 hours, I have heard “mom” at least 7, 249,259 times.

two | screaming

Although they were cleared at their 4-year check-up, my children must have some sort of hearing problem. For the life of them, they cannot talk at a non-ear drum piercing level.

This is a 2-year-old Sadie screaming. Not much has changed since then.

three | weather

April showers bring this mama a trio of kids with an insane amount energy that they need to burn…outside! Mother Nature, please make it stop raining this week. While I’m at it, warm up and stay warm and could you please stop the ridiculous wind too.

four | markers

Markers were banned from our house some time ago. When I felt like the kids (aka the girls) were old enough to try them out again I let them. Bad idea. Why at 4-years-old are they doing things that 2-year-olds do?

five | tv

Just pick a f*&#!^g show, please! If I have to scroll through a list of shows I won’t let you watch anyway, with me repeating “you can’t watch that” one more time I will toss the remote in the road.

six | crumbs

It’s hard to tell them they can’t eat anything. I mean, they must do it to survive. But, if I have to clean up stomped on Gold Fish or graham cracker crumbs one more time I am going to go berserk!

seven | naps

Just take a f*&#!^g nap, please. You are a serious grump ass! I know you’re getting older and don’t need them as much, but mama is getting older too and needs them on a daily basis to survive.

eight | milk

Would it be so difficult for you all to want a drink at the same time? I always ask and you other two always day no. Just know that it’s totally fun filling up one cup, leave the kitchen to go about my business and then go back to the kitchen two more times because the rest of you NEED a drink!

nine |mom, mama, mommy

Before I was pregnant I longed to have a child to call me mommy. Now, there are days like today when I ask them to call me Captain or Tennille just so I don’t have to hear “mom, mom, mom, mom, mom, mom, mom, mom, mom, mom, mom, mom, mom” one more time.

All joking aside, I am stressed to the max at just 24 hours into this “break.” I will survive though. Lexapro and knowing my husband will be home to take over after work is what keeps me going!

Are your kids on spring break? How do you keep your sanity when they’re with you 24/7? I need some mama wisdom, please!

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9 thoughts on “Spring Break Day No. 2 | 9 Reasons Why I’m Already Losing My Mind

  1. hahaha! I had a good laugh. My 4 yo is AWFUL with markers. Like sharpie all over my kitchen aid mixer awful. -_- She also never stops talking. Good god I love her… but good lord give me a break!

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