I Fed My Kids Pop Tarts For Lunch | And 11 Other Ways I Was Just an Okay Mom Today

I hate to disappoint you, but I’m not super mom every day of the week. Sure, I totally am at least two days a week (Tuesdays and Thursdays usually) <—insert sarcasm. Monday’s are the worst for me, though. I always stay up too late Sunday night catching up on my shows – Scandal, Bones, and Modern Family, just to name a few and then wake up feeling like Oliva Pope and I drank too much wine.

So, today I fed my kids Pop-Tarts for lunch. What? We love Pop-Tarts here. They’re delicious and today I just needed my home to be peaceful. I wasn’t up for a “you need to eat at least 1 of everything from the five food groups” argument. I’ll save that fight for a Tuesday or Thursday when my super mom powers have had time to refuel.

Here are 11 other things I did (or didn’t do) today that just made me an okay mom.


I let Nexflix be their babysitter today. I’m so glad they only charge $10 a month instead of by the hour or we would be B-R-O-K-E.

two |

I let them eat waaaay too much Easter candy. My theory: if they eat it, I won’t.

three |

My discipline tactics suck. Today it was mostly timeout that lasted 2.5 seconds because I walked off to do something and forgot and the kid got up.

four |

I said s*&t too many time today. And the son repeated me every.single.time.

five |

I let them fight it out today instead of breaking it up and talking with them about why they were upset at each other.

six |

I told them “just a minute” about 2,846 times today.

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seven |

Instead of “no” all day long I said “yes” to pretty much everything. And I’m pretty sure that is why there is now hand soap all over my dining room floor.

eight |

I let my 4-year-old daughter spend the day bottomless (undies and pants) because she just plainly likes to be naked. Don’t worry. We’ve spent the entire day in the house.

nine |

We’ve spent the entire day in the house. It’s a nice-ish day today and we should really be outside, but I don’t want to get out of my PJs.

ten |

I told them that we were out of milk because I didn’t feel like walking out to the fridge in the garage to get 1 of the 3 gallons out there.

eleven |

I don’t feel bad about this list. I’m not going to make myself out to be someone I am not. And on Mondays, I am not super-mom.

My kids, of course, don’t even realize that I’m not my best mom-self today. In their eyes, I’m mom of the year every day. Well, almost every day. They’re not fans of me forcing them to eat their veggies or cleaning up their toys on Tuesdays or Thursdays.

Can you relate? What have you done that’s just made you an okay mom lately?

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25 thoughts on “I Fed My Kids Pop Tarts For Lunch | And 11 Other Ways I Was Just an Okay Mom Today

  1. Okay moms around the world unite! Pop tarts are a staple in our house! (My blog tagline, “just a mom gettin by on coffee & poptarts” 😂 I think most days are do-what-you-can-to-survive-and-not-lose-it. Because kids are exhausting lil boogers. Thanks for being real.

  2. OMG this is so hilarious! I don’t have children but I’ve heard so much from my other mommy blogger friends and it totally made sense to me. I bet I’ll be do the same with my own kids one day!

  3. I love pop tarts, pjs AND Netflix so in my book, you’re amazing! And my mom would never buy the pop tarts with icing on them which was a COMPLETE let down. So again, you rock! Xoxo

  4. I loved this! Our day played out very similarly today! We were exhausted from a long week. I stayed in my PJ’s and worked from bed! So glad I don’t have any toddlers that would have needed me today because I would have been worthless. Thanks for sharing with such honesty!

  5. You sound like a great mom! Sometimes kids just need some netflix and easter candy to get through Monday. I did the same thing today and it was awesome.

  6. As a mama of 4 I laughed out loud because I’ve done a few of these my kids are from 18- 3 so something times (like tonight it was find your own dinner night lol) Even though I did have everything out to make dinner but put it all back… it was one INSANE week lol….

  7. Speaking my language mama! Sometimes things are just easier if we don’t fight for what “should be”. I’m down for Pop Tarts every day.

  8. I love this post!!! I love how honest you are. I’m so tired of reading about moms who seem to get it right all the times or moms that just throw convention out the window – the two extremes. You’ve hit the nail on the head of what it’s like to be a normal parent. A parent who adores their kids (most of the time) and does their best!

    Thank you for inspiring me to share my honest, true stories of parenting!!

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