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Since having kids it seems I get caught up in what they should be getting or making for their Dad and Papas that I forget to celebrate my own dad. I know that he knows that I love and appreciate him, but this year I thought I’d write up a little something to share with the world (or at least everyone that reads this)!

You all need to know why this father of mine is the best.

Here are 5 of the 3,098 reasons why:

one | breakfast burritos

I am confident that he invented breakfast burritos. He was making them for me and my sister way before McDonalds or Sonic. Seriously. I read that McDonald’s version was first served in 1991. I was definitely chowing them down for breakfast before then!

two | he’s weird

I say that as a good thing. I’m weird too and I totally got it from him. We like uncommon, off the wall, strange things that, when I was growing up, my mom and my sister turned their noses up to. When I was a teenager he would come into my room and we would watch the X-Files together. Now, we share our thoughts on American Horror Story.

He finds the peculiar things in life interesting. Recently my husband and I watched Captain Fantastic. The hubs found it weird, but I loved it and I just knew my dad would too. The next time I saw him I mentioned I saw a movie I thought he would love. And guess what? He already watched it and thought the same of me! We’re totally weird like that!

three | music

If you know me and my family than you know that my love of music comes from my Dad. He is a fanatic, a collector, a hobbyist. For as long as I can remember music has been a part of my life. And it is because of him that it is still a part of who I am today. For that, I am so grateful.

This is from a blog post I wrote several years ago. You can read the entire article HERE.

four | my kids love, love, love him

I mean, they really, really, really love him. And he is completely in love with them too. It’s so fun to watch them interact. He’s truly interested in everything they have to say or want to show him.

He’s caring and kind, but able to discipline when needed. He always has pink milk in his fridge and feeds them what they want. My dad is absolutely everything a Papa is supposed to be.

five | he did his best

My dad was a coal miner for most of my childhood, getting laid off on more than one occasion. When I was a teenager he was laid off for the final time and never went back.He was a hard worker and did everything he could to provide for our family. If we ever struggled with money, I was unaware. Looking back now I know there must have been times my parents struggled. We never did without, though. I can tell

Looking back now I know there must have been times my parents struggled with money. I never knew though. We never did without.

My dad has taught me so many things in my lifetime…

to take the time to rest and relax, to enjoy the little things in life, that naps outside are the best. My dad has shown me that family time is what’s important, green colored pancakes better than regular ones and that being kind and having a soft heart is not a weakness.

Thanks, dad. I love you. You’re the best.

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  1. This is awesome. Dads truly are awesome! My dad and I arw more alike than my mom and I ever will be. I always joke with my dad he really has 4 sons not 1 as all ua girls are far from girly lol.

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