Much like my passion for writing, I also have a  burning passion for helping moms just like you. I want to help you better the way you approach your interactions with your children, how you responded to negative behavior, or how you could make them feel more secure, more confident, or more loved. I want to help you find yourself again after getting stuck in the midst of motherhood. I have been there. It’s an amazing yet lonely place to be.

It takes a tribe…

I am working hard to grow a rich community with my Marvelous Mom Tribe to encourage, support, and inspire wives and moms like you. Doing so has brought my heart more joy and fulfillment than I ever could have dreamed of.

So often we set exciting new intentions, but don’t know where to start. Many of you want to consistently do more of what makes you a better mother. I know there are days that I feel less than stellar at parenting. Everyone (including me) wakes up on the wrong side of the bed and things just go downhill from there. Those are the days that I crave praise from anyone for just surviving. Those days I also challenge myself to be a marvelous mom when all I want to do is run away. I want to help you be that marvelous mom too.

It seems that I am always looking for ways to improve my role as mommy. I spend time reading up on how to control my wild child. I’m always searching for ways to help overcome mommy guilt (I have a lot of it). Let’s be honest with ourselves, ladies. We mess up on a daily basis. Heck, I probably mess up more times in one day than I’d like to admit.  I know I definitely have a lot of room for improvement as a mother.

It is my hope that this tribe, in the end,  will help you to be a more secure, confident, and loving mom and woman!

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